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This article is an overview of the most important improvements and fixes for release v31.23


  • Improvements
  • Fixes










cxsrec__BHLO_Log__c is taking a lot of storage space



It was reported that this shared object is creating a lot of logs and using storage within client orgs.

A new Application Setting has been created that allows users to schedule the debug log clean up after the number of days set, e.g. after ‘2’ days


Older log records will be deleted. This process only affects cxsrec_cxsDebug_log_c and cxsrecBHLO_Log_c records.

Scheduling the process can easily be done by pressing the start button on the Scheduling management page.


The process will run once every night.

Scheduling more often can be done using the CRON expression via Anonymous apex:

System.schedule('Debug Log Cleanup - 00', '0 0 * * * ?', new cxsrec.cxsScheduleDebugLogCleanup());

This expression above is to schedule it hourly.

If you enter 0 in the application setting. It will delete all the records at night. If you enter nothing or something incorrect, it will default to 2 again.












It was reported that the CV Generator has an endless spinner after a validation rule is fired.


This has now been resolved.  Now when a validation message appears as part of editing fields on the CV Generator, the user is able to close the message and continue editing the CV.


During a process To many Future calls: 1 error occurs


This issue only occurs if you are using an integration with German Personnel, and have built a custom trigger to handle closed jobs.

A code change has been made to use chained  Queueables so that we can successfully call out and deactivate job posts on the GermanPersonnel Multiposter.  Futures are not allowed in Batch and Future calls, hence why this process was failing.

To test with your integration to GermanPersonnel, you will need to verify that your custom trigger to deactivate open jobs, now completes successfully and without an error.


It was reported that the integration with ADP was no longer working


This has been resolved, and communication with ADP is now successfully authorised. 

To test this, verify that your test candidates that are ‘hired’ are now inserted into ADP as expected.


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