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This article is an overview of the most important improvements and fixes for release v31.22.1


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It is now possible to filter on activities in the Activity timeline by email.  An email icon now displays for email tasks, as opposed to the Task icon



To test this is, ensure that the Activities component exists on a Candidate and Job Application.

  1. Create a candidate with a Job Application
  2. In the Step activity timeline component, click on ‘Send e-mail l
  3. The Send email screen should be opened in a new window.  Select a template, and ‘Save and send email’
  4. Open the candidate just created/used, and go to the Activities component
  5. You should now see see emails displayed here with a recognizable email ‘envelope’ icon as above


The ability to overwrite the default name of a CV has now been implemented



Users can now manually modify the PDF CV Name that CVs are given by default when generating them via the Generate CV action (according to the formula/logic defined for naming generated PDF CV’s).  

A new Application Setting (left) - ‘Allow manual input for Generated CV file name’ has been created to enable this feature.  

Go to - Connexys Setup > Application settings > All Settings > Generate CV in PDF format.

When enabled, the input field for ‘Generated CV Name' (below) will be available for the CV Generator, when opened from Job Application or Candidate records.


When the ‘Make CV filename anonymous' is checked, the input field for ‘Generated CV Name' will be hidden, and the name will be generated automatically based on the formula defined for anonymous CVs.



Filtering by Topics in the Proposal Wizard is now possible

When searching for candidates to propose to contacts whilst using the Proposal Wizard, users can now filter the results by Topic.


To test, add the Topics filter to the Proposal Field Set  - go to Setup>Object Manager>Field Sets>proposalOverviewFilters>add ‘Topics’ filter



Add a Topics component to a Candidate page:-


Locate a test candidate record, and add some topics as required:-


Navigate to the Proposals tab and click on the Topics filter.  You should see the available topics to filter on, and your results list update as expected:-

31.22h.pngFiltering by Topics is also available for Candidates and Contacts within the Wizard itself:-



User experience improvement when posting jobs on Mimir


It was reported that users were interrupted with validation errors when attempting to post jobs to Mimir.

Users no longer receive this validation error, and are now presented with a message ‘Please type at least 3 characters to filter’ when less than 3 characters are entered into the form fields.  

Matches are either presented to the user, or if no match, the user is informed that no match is found. Users can still click on the ellipsis to look up filters as required.

To test, navigate to the Jobs tab, and click on the Job Action ‘Publish via Mimir’.  

Fill in the required fields, and ‘Save and continue’ to the next screen.  

Select the boards to publish to, and start typing into the fields.  You will see on entering less than three characters, the message will appear:-




Google reCaptcha security measures have been introduced to Javascript TK SourceBox  forms



Captcha functionality has been introduced in multiple areas in Connexys to enhance the security of external entry points, for example, candidates applying via Application forms.

For clients using TextKernel SourceBox, applicants coming in via jobs posted out will need to verify that they are a real person if Captcha has been enabled.:-


For more information on Captcha, please refer to the Captcha enablement guide










User experience fix on Job creation


It was reported that when creating new jobs via the Job Wizard in Lightning, after selecting the jobs Hiring Manager, the user was redirected to the top of the screen.

This has now been resolved, the page no longer scrolls back to the top when updating the Hiring Manager field.

(Please note - Not all customers experience this issue as it is dependent on configuration of the page.  If you have multiple Lookups on the page and you set a value for the second or other lookups, then it focuses on the first one.)


Email preview for Suppliers Email does not display the values for merged fields


This has now been resolved. 

Relevant to those outsourcing to external suppliers. 

To test it, locate or create a test Job Application for a job with a Supplier Contact, and perform a step that takes you to the Send Email action with ‘Send email to supplier contact enabled’


Add some Job application merge fields to the email message, for example

Job requirements :


These merge fields should now be visible in the preview:-



Jobs Clone button gives an error


It was reported that when creating a job by cloning, using the JobWizardLightning button, only edited fields were saved when cloning a record.  Non required fields that were added, but not edited when saving were causing the error.

This is now resolved.  To test, go to Setup> Objects Manager >Job>Buttons, Links, and Actions>Click Edit button for Clone>Select for Visualforce Page >JobWizardLightning>Save


From a test job, click on the Clone button, edit any fields as required, and click on Save.

The newly created job should now show all the values entered in the cloning process.


‘An unexpected error has occurred’ message is displayed when generating CVs and attempting to preview them


This has now been resolved as part of a CSS change for Rich Text fields.

This can be tested by generating CV’s on a variety of templates using our CV Generator.  The preview should load without any errors.

Relevant to admins/users using relatively complex/configured CV templates for CV generation, for example Rich Text description fields have been added to the CV Generator fieldset.



CV Generator preview doesn't show Picklist values if there is no translation record for picklist (Connexys Setup -> Advanced setup -> Maintain Picklist Translation Table)



This is now resolved.  Where there is no translation for a value, the preview now shows the selected, but untranslated value.

Relevant to admins maintaining multiple languages and translations for the CV Generator fields

To test this if there are no picklists already to your Gen CV template, a fair amount of set up is required first:-

Go to Connexys Resource Manager Setup > Maintain Picklist Translation Table > Click on 'Update Table' button > Wait till table is updated

Go to Connexys Resource Manager Setup > Application settings > All settings > Generate CV in PDF format > disable Documill

Go to Setup > Work Experience object > Add fields with types Picklist and Picklist (Multi-Select) > Add created picklists to field set 'CV Generator'

Go to Setup > Education object > Add fields with types Picklist and Picklist (Multi-Select) > Add created picklists to field set 'CV Generator'

Go to Setup > Visualforce Page > Click 'Edit' for CV template > Add picklists from Work Experience and Education

31.22n.png Next, use this template to generate a CV from, and the preview should now show without translations for Work Experience and Education picklists





BHTK_DomParser can only have one selector per related object


It was reported that users were seeing incorrectly indexed data in the facets within the Textkernel Portal integration.

Relevant to admins/clients on the latest TK Portal integration only.

This change means that we now support multiple sections of the same bhtk:iterationObject with different bhtk:iterationSelector fields

This change utilizes the Salesforce Platform Cache to store information which is retrieved from the TMF-templates.

When changing a TMF-template the CxsCache Platform Cache must be cleared.

  • Goto Salesforce Setup > Develop > Platform Cache
  • Click on CxsCache
  • Press the Clear Cache button

Essentially, users adding new values to Hard Criteria Skills for example, were not being indexed, and displayed correctly when viewed in the TK Portal.

Now, users adding additional criteria to a job or candidate can expect the display in the portal to be updated as expected.

Job added with Hard Criteria Skills -


Additional Skills added now appear:-


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