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Update (14-11-2022)

It is now possible to opt out of the automatic enablement of Enhanced Domains during Salesforce's Spring '23 release. For more information on the timelines, please consult the following article:


We’ve been receiving several questions regarding the enforcement of Enhanced Domains by Salesforce. Enhanced Domains is a new feature that will be enforced in the next Salesforce release and has quite some impact on parts of the Connexys application. Below, we address those questions.

What are Enhanced Domains?

Enhanced Domains are an improvement by Salesforce to stabilize URLs used within the Salesforce ecosystem. URLs should become easier to remember and are less affected when a Salesforce org is moved between different Salesforce server instances. For more information, please also check the following Salesforce article:

When are Enhanced Domains going to be enforced?

Enhanced Domains will be enforced when Salesforces’ Spring ’23 release goes live. The exact date is dependent on the instance where your Salesforce org is located. To check which instance your org is located on, go to Setup > Company Information and check the Instance field. You can then use https://status.salesforce.com to search for your instance. The Spring ’23 release date can be found in the Maintenance tab on this page. For most clients, this should be on either the 4th or 11th of February.


Salesforce now allows you to opt out of Enhanced Domains for the Spring '23: https://help.salesforce.com/s/articleView?id=sf.domain_name_enhanced_timeline.htm&type=5

Do I need a specific version of Connexys when activating Enhanced Domains?

Yes, to prepare your Connexys package for Enhanced Domains, it is necessary to have at least version 31.16 installed in your org. Any older versions will have a chance of Connexys pages malfunctioning. If you want to have this version or a more recent version installed on your production/sandbox org, please contact our support team.

Do I need to perform any manual steps for Connexys after activating Enhanced Domains?

Yes. There are a number of manual steps involved that should only be executed after Enhanced Domains has been activated. For readability purposes, these steps are explained in a separate article.

How do I enable Enhanced Domains in my org?

Salesforce wrote an article on how to activate Enhanced Domains manually: https://help.salesforce.com/s/articleView?id=sf.domain_name_enhanced_enable.htm&type=5

  • When choosing a Domain Suffix, you need to choose the *.my.salesforce.com version.
  • When configuring Enhanced Domains, pick the option Enhanced Domains with Redirection enabled.
  • When you enable Enhanced Domains, you and all users will be logged out of the org and will need to log in again. 

Can I test the impact of activating Enhanced Domains already?

Yes. Enhanced Domains are available on any sandbox/production orgs with Salesforces’ Winter 23 version installed. It is recommended to test the impact on a sandbox first before activating it on production.

Do I need to perform any additional checks when activating Enhanced Domains?

Enhanced domains will likely hit any 3rd party service that connects with your salesforce org. Generally, these services use your orgs’ domain as an endpoint, like custom APIs, data integrations, and Single Sign-On.  As the domain of the org will change, the configured endpoint for these services should change as well. These services are generally out of the scope of our support team.

Do I need to notify Connexys when activating Enhanced Domains?

Yes, and this counts for both Production and Sandbox orgs. Our support organization uses a login manager to access client orgs. This login manager is using the domain of your salesforce org as an endpoint, so it will no longer work when the domain of the salesforce org is being changed through the activation of Enhanced Domains. When Enhanced Domains is activated, please let us know what the new org domain is so we can update our login manager. If our support organization is unable to log in to your org, no support can be given on any reported issue until the login connection to your org is restored.

What do I need to do if I encounter a new issue with Connexys after activating Enhanced Domains?

Please create a ticket through help@connexys.com and include the following information:

  • The records/users that are experiencing the issue
  • The steps needed to reproduce the issue
  • The expected outcome
  • The actual outcome
  • The business impact of the issue

What do I need to do if I have more questions regarding Enhanced Domains?

Please create a ticket through help@connexys.com and our support team will help you with your question.

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