Release Notes - Connexys v31.17


This article is an overview of the most important improvements and fixes for release v31.17


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Error when posting to German Personnel


It was reported that after creating additional GP Account Passwords with the Application Setting Checkbox - ‘isPassword’ ticked, passwords were not authenticated and being encrypted, preventing login.

As password application settings are encrypted for security purposes, we now check if decryption is required to authenticate with the end point, and handle accordingly e.g decrypt if encrypted.

This is a code change only, no new settings have been introduced as part of this resolution.


Picture that is added to CV is connected to user, and not removed with anonymization


To resolve this, we have added a ContentDocumentId field for cxsAttachment and modified the anonymization process to remove related attachments.  

 To test this issue:-

  • Upload an image/photo to a test candidate
  • Generate a new CV for the test candidate
  • View the Files section related to your user record, and take note of whether the uploaded image appears in the Files list 
  • As an administrator, anonymize the candidate (by batch process or manually)
  • Verify that the image/photo is removed from the candidate, and from the User’s Files list



The image displayed in CV templates when generating CVs is not always the most recent one


It was reported that in some circumstances, the image displayed on a CV template after CV generation was an older one.  

The cause of this appeared to be related attachments without an ID that could not be found.

All attachments in cxsOpen_attachment__c records now have an ID, and it is no longer possible to save attachments without an ID appended to it.

To verify the issue, CV generation with different templates were tested and the correct image displayed in them.  We also verified that attachments have an ID as expected.



Use photo in Gen CV is unchecked but photo is shown in Preview


When generating CV’s with Documill templates, via the Proposal wizard, images were visible in the preview, even with the ‘use photo’ option unchecked.

This is now resolved, and is no longer the default behaviour when generating CV’s for the first time.

To verify this issue, we tested different CV Templates with a field added to the template layout - ‘Candidate photo is required’.   

We then checked and unchecked this option, and observed how the ‘Use this photo in the generated CV’ option behaved when generating new CV’s.

We also confirmed the following:-

When ‘Candidate photo is required’ is TRUE, you cannot save a CV without a candidate photo

When ‘Candidate photo is required’ is FALSE, you can save a CV without a candidate photo

The checkbox on the CV generator screen (Use this photo in the generated CV') will be disabled in these cases:

1.Candidate doesn't have photo

2.Candidate photo is required for the selected Documill template( checkbox = true)

If Candidate has a photo and it isn't required for the selected Documill template(checkbox = false) then

Checkbox on CV generator screen (Use this photo in the generated CV') will not be disabled



Users unable to connect to Documill when generating CV’s



This issue only presents itself when using Documill for CV generation, and in the majority of use cases cannot be reproduced.

On investigation, it appeared that when initially loading the Documill iFrame, the oauthLoginURL parameter was not always passed in.

Subsequent changes to the chosen template etc would cause the iFrame to be reloaded with the parameter.

This has been fixed so that the parameter will now also be passed on the initial load.


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