Release Notes - Connexys v31.15


This article is an overview of the most important improvements and fixes available when taking version 31.15.

It is important to note, that whilst some features were resolved or implemented in earlier internal/interim versions, 31.15 is the next release generally available following 31.11.3


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In some cases Candidates cannot be anonymized


It was reported that in some situations, certain candidates could not be anonymized, and users were presented with a 'cannot re-reference null object' error message.

On investigation, it appeared that related Chatter records without owners on the anonymized candidate, and or job application, were causing the error

To verify the fix, ensure Chatter feed is added to the Candidate or Job object.

In - Setup > look for Feed tracking > Candidate object > enable Feed tracking > check 'Owner' box > Save

Back in the Candidate, or Job Application, change the Owner, and ensure the activity appears in the Chatter Feed  mceclip1.png

Click on the Anonymize button, and the option to anonymize should appear without error





Users that have only 'read' access via Sharing Rules can modify a record by creating step


This is now resolved. If a user does not have access to job application records, Step creation is no longer possible, and the user is shown an error message to indicate this when saving.

To test this issue, as a user with a profile who has the Read & Sharing rule set to ‘Read Only’, we verified the following situations:-

  • Lightning - workflow step: 1 candidate  -  error message is shown
  • Lightning - multiple Job applications step  - message is shown
  • Lightning - Share candidate with hiring manager step - message is shown in the step screen. Also checked with multiple job applications. Generated CV is saved, and is shown in Document preview.
  • Lightning - profile Read, Create, Update, View all & Sharing rule Read only- step: multiple job applications of which some you don't have edit rights - error message is shown.
  • With the Sharing rule Read/Write, the user is able to take the step.
  • The above steps were repeated in Classic.

Note - Proposal wizard was not included as part of this change.

Note - If running the (Lightning) - ‘Share candidate with hiring manager’ step -  you are able to generate a CV.  This is expected behaviour.  In the Step screen you will see the message when clicking on Save and send email, that you do not have Update rights on the Job Application object.  The generated CV is created,  and shown in Document preview as expected.

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