Release Notes - Connexys v31.7.2


This article is an overview of the most important improvements and fixes for release v31.7


  • API Upgrade  - Important Information to note
  • Improvements
  • Fixes

API Upgrade

From version 31 onwards, the Connexys Package supports Salesforce API version 51.0.  This follows their announcement that versions 7.0-20.00, and 21.0 to 31.0 are soon to be retired:-

This enables our application to function with the most current API versions available in order to prevent any disruption caused by software referencing retired versions. 

Moving to newer versions of APIs will offer advanced capabilities with improved Salesforce security and performance. 

Our Quality Assurance Team ran extensive Regression Testing to verify that there is no adverse impact as a result of this change.

Whilst no impact was reported, we would strongly recommend extensive testing if you are upgrading from a version lower than v.31 to verify the changes have no impact on any custom configuration.








Google offers reCAPTCHA (v3 and v2) to help you protect your sites from fraudulent activities, spam, and abuse. 

For Connexys, we have implemented support for Captcha V2 where users must tick a check box on external entry points 

Users just need to create their own free account

to enable this functionality in v31.7 onwards

Captcha can be enabled in the following places

  • cxsApplyFormExample
  • cxsSearchApply
  • cxsJobAlertRegister

To enable Captcha:


Create Captcha V2 keys through

You'll get a Captcha Site key and Captcha Secret key, copy them and add to Custom Settings -> Global settings -> reCAPTCHA Secret Key and reCAPTCHA Site Key 

To enable Captcha for JS form additional parameters should be added to cxsForm creation:

useCaptcha:'{!captcha.useCaptcha}', captchaSiteKey:'{!JSENCODE(captcha.siteKey)}', captchaRemoteHost:'{!JSENCODE(remoteHost)}'

So cxsForm initializations should look like:

cxsForm.init({ prefix:"{!JSENCODE(packagePrefix)}", target:"#cxsFormHolder", server:myServer, jobId:"{!JSENCODE(positionId)}", eventId:"{!JSENCODE(eventId)}", candidateId:"{!JSENCODE(candidateId)}", jobAppId:"{!JSENCODE(applicationId)}", accessKey:"{!JSENCODE(accessKey)}", lang:'{!JSENCODE(lang)}', googleMapsApiKey:'{!JSENCODE(googleMapsApiKey)}', useCaptcha:'{!captcha.useCaptcha}', captchaSiteKey:'{!JSENCODE(captcha.siteKey)}', captchaRemoteHost:'{!JSENCODE(remoteHost)}' });

If Captcha keys are not added to Global Settings, the Captcha checkbox will not be shown on pages.











When going to a previous step and trying to edit it, an error occurs.


This is now resolved.  The fix for this is checking if the field is set/queried before reading it. This will generate the message in the debug log that the field was read without querying but does not throw the exception error anymore.



Server error occurs when creating job application using Javascript form.


This error results from too many SOQL queries being processed at the same time.  

To improve performance handling in this area, all cxsDatabase methods for getting application settings have been adjusted for integral caching, having only one SOQL per transaction.  This improvement will save 7 SOQL queries.

Important! - Due to the extent of this change, it is recommended to sanity test the whole application. 

For verification, the follow areas were given particular attention by our Quality Assurance Team:-

  • Talent Pools tab ( + AddToTalentpool, TalentpoolActivities, TalentpoolRecordView) 
  • CV Generator
  • Proposal Wizard (both options: Share an existing CV, Generate a new CV)
  • DocumentPreview
  • Workflow (Pagination, Filters, Browse mode, Compare mode, Steps)
  • Candidate and Job Search 
  • Iframe apply form
  • JS form
  • Candidate update form iframe
  • Candidate update form JS
  • Candidate update form iframe WS
  • Candidate update form JS WS
  • TK-Candidate-Search/Match
  • Classic Step Proposal (Memo translated)
  • GDPR Agreement renewal page

Important! - for customers that are using the Supplier portal community. Supplier Portal Users must have FLS access to the Language Field in Application Settings. Otherwise they will see the error "Your organisation has no access to this functionality" when opening the portal.




Location lookup field no longer seems to be working properly



This has been resolved.  

We have fixed the search result list displaying in the Location input component.

Code changes:

Removed 'slds-truncate' class for location input container. 


CXS-2804 Heap Size limit being hit by cxsPositionWebservice.getPositionsByIds  

This has now been resolved.  

It was reported that users were unable to post jobs, and were blocked with an error ‘System.LimitException: Apex heap size too large’

The cause of this was down to logic that was cleaning up HTML code in the Position fields twice, first when position records are inserted, and again when jobs are requested via web services.

We have made some changes to the logic as follows.

When the Enable_StylingCleanup_for_PositionWebservice setting is NOT checked, the following fields will NOT have the basic HTML formatting stripped (font colours and styling):-

  • job requirements
  • compensation benefits
  • job description
  • company information
  • Contact info

Please note that for large data sets, we strongly suggest that requests for jobs to the webservice are batched up into smaller chunks as the heap size limit could still be met, even with these improvements.

To verify the change, go to Connexys Setup>Connexys only settings>Application Settings>All settings>Enable_StylingCleanup_for_PositionWebservice


With the above setting enabled (Boolean Value field is ticked), font/styling is removed from Position web service, so jobs should be received by your website, without html formatting applied.

With the above setting disabled (Boolean Value field is unticked), font/styling is retained and passed on in the jobs returned via the web service.


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