Release Notes - Connexys v31.4.1


This article is an overview of the most important improvements and fixes for release v31.4.1


  • API Upgrade  - Important Information to note
  • Improvements
  • Fixes

API Upgrade

From version 31 onwards, the Connexys Package supports Salesforce API version 51.0.  This follows their announcement that versions 7.0-20.00, and 21.0 to 31.0 are soon to be retired:-

This enables our application to function with the most current API versions available in order to prevent any disruption caused by software referencing retired versions. 

Moving to newer versions of APIs will offer advanced capabilities with improved Salesforce security and performance. 

Our Quality Assurance Team ran extensive Regression Testing to verify that there is no adverse impact as a result of this change.

Whilst no impact was reported, we would strongly recommend extensive testing if you are upgrading from a version lower than v.31 to verify the changes have no impact on any custom configuration.








When indexing Jobs there are a number of RichText fields in Connexys that contain Job description, Compensation Benefits, Contact info ect. When indexing, the html markup appears encoded in TKPortal.


To resolve this, we have created  the possibility to strip out the html tags from the field value, keeping clean plain text when indexing values to TKPortal.  

This is optional per field by adding the attribute bhtk:stripHtml="true" to the field in the TMF Template.

With this setting enabled, HTML tags are no longer visible in TK Portal.











Hard Criteria is not added to a candidate when importing them from an external Search.


This has been resolved.  

Support for Hard Criteria parsing has now been built in to support candidate import from TK Portal.  

Candidate records are now fully parsed with the Hard Criteria when importing from an external source, along with the candidate details, education and work experience



The Step Action component does not respect configuration when changing user language


This has now been resolved,  It has been verified that translations on labels within the Step Action component are now displayed in the language specified.



Step component does not allow .digital domain in CC email address field



This has now been resolved,  

Our custom email format  top-domain validation RegEx , cxsEmailUtil -> EMAIL_REGEXP, has been increased to 63 characters to allow for all domain formats.

Sending emails in the To and CC fields are verified as supporting domains with top-domain lengths from 5 to 63 characters.



When using  target="_blank" on HTML on Forms (e.g. in a Privacy Statement) the new page doesn't open in a new tab, but on the same tab.


This is now resolved.  It has been verified that clicking on links that redirect the user elsewhere, for example ‘view privacy statement’ opens a new browser tab for the user.

Additional parameter ADD_ATTR: ['target'] for the sanitize() method was added for the OutputLabel component.



The Filter for the field Job on the Job Application object does not filter correctly


This has been resolved.  

Upon investigation it was discovered that the space before ‘Filled’ leads to the filter not working correctly. Jobs with the Status ‘Filled’ are still showing in the Job field in the Job application wizard.  With this code fix the spaces are removed.

The fix was verified on the Job application wizard and Fieldset component.

Important! - After package upgrade, clients will need to run the "Refresh Lightning Lookup Filters"  (CXS Setup - Lightning lookup filters - Refresh Lightning Lookup filters)



Picklist value labels/translations are not processed when emailing candidates


This has been resolved.  

Now when sending emails, merge items in the email that are picklist fields will be resolved to the translated picklist value.

To accomplish this,  it makes use of the Picklist Translation Table which can be kept up to date via the Connexys Setup->Maintain Picklist Translations page. 

For completeness, the Step object has been added to the object list where the translations are held.



When using a Proposal Step with the 'Always Allowed' option checked, the step should 'always' be allowed to perform, and the status of the Job Application should not change.


This has been resolved.  

The ‘Always Allowed’ checkbox is now verified when the Step action is run in a Proposal Step.

If 'Always allowed' is checked for the Proposal Step, then the job application workflow status will not be changed.


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