ATTENTION: Summer '22 API deprication



We would like to inform you of the impact of the API retirement as communicated by Salesforce on your Connexys package.


What is going on?
With their Summer ‘22 release, Salesforce will deprecate API versions 7.0 through 20.0 and will cease to support the versions up to 30.0. This has an impact on the Connexys package, which we will mitigate from our side with release version 31, this release is scheduled to be rolled out in the weeks before Summer ‘22 hits your production environment. This will effectively secure all functionalities provided through the Connexys package.

Depending on the Salesforce Instance your system operates on, you will receive their Summer ‘22 release on one of the following dates: June 3-4 or June 10.
If you aren’t sure which Instance your system operates on, you can follow the instructions described here.
Each instance will have a designated release date, which can be found on

What action do you need to take?
We advise all customers to look into their own custom integrations or functionality if present to ensure the API versions are supported after Summer ‘22. More information on the retirement, its scope, and impact can be found here.

If you normally receive a notification from us after an upgrade is performed, you do not have to action anything and we will make sure the Connexys package is upgraded to a compatible version before your environment is upgraded with Salesforce’s Summer ‘22 release.

If you have a Full Copy Sandbox to your disposal, or if we usually request confirmation before upgrading your system, we urge you to test our v31 package as soon as the request comes in, to ensure a timely release.

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