Release Notes - Connexys v31.3.2


This article is an overview of the most important improvements and fixes for release v31.3.2


  • API Upgrade  - Important Information to note
  • Fixes

API Upgrade

From version 31 onwards, the Connexys Package supports Salesforce API version 51.0.  This follows their announcement that versions 7.0-20.00, and 21.0 to 31.0 are soon to be retired:-

This enables our application to function with the most current API versions available in order to prevent any disruption caused by software referencing retired versions. 

Moving to newer versions of APIs will offer advanced capabilities with improved Salesforce security and performance. 

Our Quality Assurance Team ran extensive Regression Testing to verify that there is no adverse impact as a result of this change.

Whilst no impact was reported, this version will initially be rolled out to Customers who have a Sandbox environment in place for further testing.  Once we have confirmation that user acceptance has been achieved, we will start looking to roll this version out to the rest of our customers over the coming months.








Multi language support is now available for TK Portal

Previously, TK Portal always set the language to English (en_US) by default


To configure it, the field ‘Supported Languages’ must be added to the page layout of the Configuration Custom Metadata Type, and then you can indicate which languages are supported by this setup like "en,de,it,fr,es,nl"

When the user opens TkPortal and the JWT-claim is passed to Textkernel the right language will be passed to TK.

When the Language of the user does not match the supported languages it falls back to "EN"


Request - The ‘Use this photo in the generated CV’ option should be unchecked if a photo is not mandatory for a CV template when generating CVs with Documill enabled


This requirement has now been implemented.  

We have changed the default value for 'Use this photo in the generated CV' checkbox when Documill is enabled and Documill template field 'Candidate Photo Required' = False. 

Now 'Use this photo in the generated CV' is unchecked by default if photo is not mandatory for the template

We have changed a condition to calculate default value for 'Use this photo in the generated CV' checkbox



Request - Ability to hide the Career Timeline component



In the Connexys Setup-> Application settings-> All settings-> Generate CV in PDF format-> 'Use Career Timeline component as default. - there was no ability to hide this component if not required.

Now, we have a new application setting to hide the Timeline section on the CV Generator Layout. The new setting is unchecked by default, so the Timeline section is visible by default

To configure it - 

Connexys Setup -> Application settings -> All Settings -> Generate CV in PDF format -> Hide Career Timeline section (Hide_CareerTimeline_section, Boolean)



Percentage field type doesn't work properly in FieldSet component


When using the field, with field type percent, on the Lighting Page component called fieldset. The percent was working like a decimal. (1 = 100% 0,1 = 10%). 

This issue is now resolved.  

A new application setting in the General section has been added: Percent as fraction 

When checked 1.0 will be treated like 100% in lightning and when not checked 1.0 will be treated like 1%.

Customers who need to use percent fields in a different way should disable 'Lightning Percent as fraction' application setting












Styling on Job Description fields are not formatted as expected


To resolve this issue, a new General application setting was created to enable styling cleanup for Job description fields for cxsPositionWebservice.   This new setting is unchecked by default.

Connexys Setup -> Application settings -> General -> Enable styling clean up for cxsPositionWebservice (Boolean type, Enable_StylingCleanup_for_PositionWebservice)

Important! After this fix, styling will be removed for Rich text fields only on cxsPostionWebservive side and not from the database level. 

Customers who expect formatting to be stripped at a database level should retest this change where possible.

Customers who want to delete styling from Job description fields while using cxsPositionWebservice should set this setting to 'true'.



The ‘Add Section’ on CV Generation is not updating changes as expected


This has been resolved. 

Copying Timeline items from the Candidate tab, to the left side of the CV Generator now updates changes.



When MFA High Assurance is enabled, the PicklistValueProvider class returns errors due to the authentication



This has been resolved.  With MFA High Assurance enabled on the Administrator profile, Administrators can now run the ‘Refresh picklist value’ process without errors.  ‘’Picklist settings job is completed’ email is processed with the results of the job.

We have changed the authorization method to get data from the web-service needed for PicklistValueProvider job



MyOpenJobs summary component displays closed jobs


This has been resolved.  

We have added a new condition to exclude inactive jobs, without active job applications, from the summary list



Work Experience and Education fields are cleared when clicking on Undo during CV Generation


This issue is now resolved.  

The logic behind copying Timeline items from the Candidate tab in the CV Generator component has been updated.



Component error appears when trying to generate a CV


This issue is now resolved.  

We have modified the regular expression to replace all page break characters in RTF, and added an empty value check before the replacement of page break characters


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