Release Notes - Connexys v31.1.1


This article is an overview of the most important improvements and fixes for release v31.1.1


  • API Upgrade  - Important Information to note
  • Improvements
  • Fixes

API Upgrade

From version 31 onwards, the Connexys Package supports Salesforce API version 51.0.  This follows their announcement that versions 7.0-20.00, and 21.0 to 31.0 are soon to be retired:-

This enables our application to function with the most current API versions available in order to prevent any disruption caused by software referencing retired versions. 

Moving to newer versions of APIs will offer advanced capabilities with improved Salesforce security and performance. 

Our Quality Assurance Team ran extensive Regression Testing to verify that there is no adverse impact as a result of this change.

Whilst no impact was reported, this version will initially be rolled out to Customers who have a Sandbox environment in place for further testing.  Once we have confirmation that user acceptance has been achieved, we will start looking to roll this version out to the rest of our customers over the coming months.







It is now possible to add a Custom Field to the ‘create Job Applications’ action in the TKPortal integration by using the corresponding VisualforcePage in Lighting.  The Visualforce page supports adding picklist fields, for example an 'Application Source' picklist.


Custom Boolean Application Settings can be added to the following VF screens:-

Textkernel_useVfSendJob  - Mail Jobs to Candidates

Textkernel_useVfCreateJobApp - Create Job applications

Textkernel_useVfAddTalentPool - Add candidates to Talentpool

To configure a picklist using the ‘Application Source’ on Job Applications example - 

Go to Connexys Setup > Connexys Only Settings > New and create this boolean setting: Textkernel_useVfCreateJobApp - Create Job applications and set this value to TRUE








The ‘Available for matching’ option on Jobs was not automatically setting the ‘Needs indexing’ checkbox as expected.

  This option should be checked so that jobs are indexed and searchable via Textkernel Job Search.  This issue is now resolved, the check box is set automatically.

It was reported that when opening the cxsrec_cxsTalentpool_c page in lightning, there is a button 'Add people to Talent Pool'.   When a user does not have create rights on the person in talentpool object, this button is still visible, but shows an error message when clicked.


This has been resolved.  If a user is working with Talent Pools, and does not have adequate rights to create/add people, the ‘Add people to Talent Pool’ button will not be visible to the user.


Javascript forms do not pick up the ‘mediachannel’ parameter


Applying for jobs using the Javascript Apply Form now correctly processes parameters such as ‘mediachannel’ when appended to urls on applications.  Additional data captured as part of the application is correctly stored against Job Application records.

For a full list of parameters, please see


Date format is not updated on generated CV preview.

  This issue was identified when using the Generated CV component with Documill enabled and is now resolved.  The fix was tested on multiple templates, using the Save, Save and Close and Close buttons.  The ‘Allow to override default date format’ and ‘Default date format’ options were both succesfully tested.
CXS-2342 Hard Criteria are not showing in the Candidate Wizard when parsing CV’s.  

This issue has been resolved.  The candidateWizard component has been retested and on parsing CV’s, Hard Criteria values are now updated and saved successfully.

CXS-2397 After release 30(8.2) the URL in our packaged fields on the job, for example: cxsrec_Compensation_benefits_c, is displayed empty.  

This has been resolved.  

HTML cleanup was previously added to job description fields, so only safe tags and attributes can be used. However, the href attribute which is used for hyperlinks did not exist in our whitelist as a safe attribute.

The next attributes will no longer  be cleaned up after this fix: 'href', 'target',  'id', 'style',  'size',  'src' for <img> tag,  'selected' for <option> tag

List of Job object fields where hyperlinks can be cleared after this update:

Label: Company information, API Name: Company_information__c

Label: Compensation & benefits, API Name: Compensation_benefits__c

Label: Contact info, API Name: Contact_info__c

Label: Job description, API Name: Job_description__c

Label: Job requirements, API Name: Job_requirements__c

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