Release Notes - Connexys v30.11


This article is an overview of the most important improvements and fixes for release v30.11


  • Miscellaneous fixes

Miscellaneous fixes






An issue with the Career Timeline not showing when generating CVs in the Proposal Wizard has been resolved.


Error Message - ‘Please fill field Generated CV Name’ shown when proposing candidates to contacts, no longer appears.

CXS-2033 An issue with using the JobWizardLightning on Clone button editing the job instead of creating a new one, has been resolved.    
CXS-1745 An issue with Recruiter photos not showing in Visual Force templates, has been resolved.   Users will need a photo.  If no photo is added, user may see a broken image, but the logic of photo display has not been affected.
CXS-2295 Error message - 'Content delivery expired' no longer appears when opening generated CV's link from emails  

Changes were added when merge field


used in step component:

  • query only latest published gen cv instead of random
  • for content distribution query, added condition where ExpiryDate isn't set or later than 5 min from the current date
  • if no content distribution records exist, create a new one with an expiration date based on value from proposalAccessDuration application setting
CXS-2289 The spinner displayed when generating CVs is now replaced with a success message when the generated CV is saved.  


CXS-2290 An issue with Education and Job Title not being parsed and populated in JavaScript forms, has been resolved.  

As with any changes to the Apply Form area, we would recommend clients test this change in their Sandbox environment (if possible) when taking this version to confirm there is no impact to any configuration.

CXS-2268 An issue with the Gen CV page continuously loading when generating CVs in the Proposal Wizard, is now fixed.  


CXS-2174 When generating CVs, fields that are too long - e.g. 'Education',  and cannot be saved, are now highlighted to the user with meaningful messages.  

Now on save, we display an error on  the field "Value too long". To see the error the chevron should be down/open.

CXS-2215 When using Documill for CV generation, it was noted a CV can be saved without a photo, even if set as 'Required'.  This is now resolved.  


CXS-1878 Labelling on related documents attached to CV generation has been updated.  

When merging additional documents on CV generation, if no related documents are available, users will be notified, if related documents exist, they will no longer see an unnecessary message.

CXS-1826 When generating CVs, unnecessary/duplicated sections to 'Merge additional PDF Files' have been removed from the Candidate and Job Application areas.  



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