Release Notes - Connexys v30.8


This article is an overview of the most important improvements and fixes for release v30.8



  • CV Generation Improvements
  • Miscellaneous improvements
  • Miscellaneous fixes

CV Generation Performance Improvements

v30.8 has mainly been focused on seeking ways to improve the performance of CV generation.  Whilst this work is ongoing, we are confident that this version should bring some much needed improvements to load/waiting times that our users had been reporting.

CV Generation Application Settings

We have introduced some new Application Settings with this version, to allow users to control defaults for CV Generation better, details on these below.

If you do have any feedback on these improvements, good or bad, we would really like to hear from you, so that we can be confident the changes we have already included are beneficial, and ensure we focus on the right changes going forwards.

Miscellaneous improvements



Configuration instructions


A new Application Setting has been created to control the data source for the CV Generator

A new application setting has been created -  "Use latest Published Generated CV as default source" with a boolean type for Generated CV in PDF Format section.

By default the setting is unchecked. If the setting is checked then CV Generator will use the latest published generated cv to pull data from.

Otherwise, data from the database will be used


Created new application setting to hide/show Undo/Redo buttons for CV Generator. By default Undo actions will not be shown.

A new application setting has been created - Application settings -> All Settings -> Generate CV in PDF format -> Allow Undo actions for CV Generator (Allow_Undo_Actions). Important As Undo/Redo buttons will be hidden by default, for clients using Documill, it should be set as true after installing release 30.8.1 or later


Improved user experience when using the Undo function within CV Generation, the refresh rate is now much quicker.




CV Generator performance when working with a high number of Work Experience or/and Education records has been optimized



Miscellaneous fixes



Configuration Steps
CXS-2108 Timeline no longer breaks Undo for Work Experience, Education and Hard Criteria section n/a
CXS-2094 Hard Criteria values are now displaying when Work Experience and Education are added on Generate CV n/a
CXS-2095 An issue with CV Generator not loading template for some candidates has been resolved n/a
CXS-2152 Performance of the Copy All function within CV Generator has been optimized n/a
CXS-1930 An issue with attachments not being added whilst editing a job application step, and sending email to Candidates and Suppliers, has been resolved n/a

An issue with new candidate creation resulting in a new contacts being created, even if the contact record type is not of type candidate, has been resolved


An issue with parsing CV's when a single quote character is added in the Apply Form, has now been resolved

The JSON now correctly escapes the character.  It is advisable to check any custom code on Apply Form to verify this fix has no adverse impact.
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