Release Notes - Connexys v30.7


This article is an overview of the most important improvements and fixes for release v.30.7



  • Miscellaneous improvements
  • Miscellaneous fixes


Miscellaneous improvements



Configuration instructions


TextKernel parsing can now be mapped to Connexys via configuration

Now it is possible to configure a custom parsing mapping for Textkernel parsing of cv's.

This is effective in the Lightning Candidate Wizard and the Javascript application form.

When not configured, default parsing mapping remains unchanged.

This is configurable by adding custom metadata record to the "Textkernel Parsing Mappings".

Configuration records can be added for Candidate, Work Experience and Educations only.

Masterlabel is free to choose, however for StreetAddress and Gender it has a special meaning for e.g. constructing an address line from the street and house number fields and capitalizing the gender value.

Configuration lines for other objects or invalid Field API names will be ignored.

Textkernel only supports the industry standard of lower case attributes in the json, so now fields in the fieldset have been converted to lower case.

Any places calling these fields, Apply Form for example, should be checked to ensure that any custom code is also using lowercase field names.


Miscellaneous fixes



Configuration Steps
CXS-2096 The parsing of French CV's is now handling address formatting correctly n/a
CXS-2001 The MyOpenJobs component now correctly displays grey-flag inactive job applications n/a
CXS-2090 Page breaks are now working as expected in CV generation with Documill n/a
CXS-2078 Issues with the CV Generator being unresponsive when related to inactive picklist have been resolved n/a
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