Release Notes - Connexys v30.6


This article is an overview of the most important improvements and fixes for release v30.6



  • Miscellaneous fixes


Miscellaneous fixes



Configuration Steps

CXS-2076 An issue with numeric fields that can contain decmical values was causing an error within CV Generation, and has been resolved  
CXS-2046 Errors with date format handling within CV Generation, are now handled better with more user friendly messages New Custom label added

API Name - CVGen_Date_parsing_error
CXS-2029 Translations in merge fields within templates are now correctly handled  
CXS-2031 An issue with the page being unresponsive when trying to post to the Mimir Job Board has now been resolved  
CXS-2034 An issue with the Send email workflow causing error 'Too Many SOQL queries:101' has been resolved  
CXS-2002 It is now possible to manually change the name of job applications  
CXS-1980 An issue with labels not displaying correctly when translation is applied in CV Generation - Work History and Education sections, has been resolved  
CXS-1891 An issue with Document Preview occasionally not showing documents in newer chrome versions has been resolved  
CXS-1101 An issue with Custom Labels for 'Add Criteria' not being consistently applied has been resolved  
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