Release Notes - Connexys v.29 & v.30


This article is an overview of the most important improvements and fixes for release v.29 and V.30. 


  • Textkernel Portal
  • CV Generation improvements
  • Quick Share CV
  • Miscellaneous improvements
  • Miscellaneous fixes

Textkernel Portal

With release 30 we are excited to introduce our new integration with well-known partner Textkernel called "Textkernel Portal". This new integration is an improved version of the existing Textkernel candidate and Job search, that you are likely familiar with in current Connexys. 
This new version is single-tenant, allowing you to get a wide variety of customization in making the search & match functionalities fit exactly to your needs. Additionally, there are some new features in creating and sharing projects based on specific searches, as well as the ability to get daily/weekly/monthly notifications if new candidates are added that meet your specific needs.

If you are interested in learning more about the Textkernel portal, please reach out to your account manager.


CV Generation improvements

We have made many changes to the Lightning CV generation tool. We have introduced the ability to use Documill as the backbone for PDF generation, allowing the flexibility of Documill templates with the powerful data management tools of our Lightning CV components. Most of the features that we're introducing will work for both traditional and Documill templates. The (new) features that are Documill only will be marked as such. If you are interested in upgrading from the traditional CV Gen to the Documill flavor, please reach out to your account manager.


PDF Merging (Documill only)

One new feature is the ability to merge multiple documents into a single CV. You can merge documents by selecting them from recent or related documents, but also choose to upload new documents. These documents can then be ordered to your liking and will be put under the generated CV into a single PDF. A few limitations to consider:

- this will only work with PDF documents, other document types will first have to be converted (manually) into PDF before they can be merged;

- every individual file must be under 4Mb in size;

- the merged file may not exceed 25Mb in size.


Naming convention & anonymized CV (filename)

As part of this set of CV Gen improvements, we are introducing the ability to configure the filename of each CV. The filename will listen to a hierarchy of options, allowing you to set filenames for different types of contexts:
1) When generating a CV from a job application, the first filename configuration that is checked is the 'CV PDF Name With JobApp' field on the CV template object. In this field, you can write a formula of fields that will generate the PDF filename. For example: "{!candidate.firstname} - {!ja.jobname}"
!candidate or !ja determines the object, candidate, and job application respectively. The string after the period references the (api) field name on that object. Plain text can of course also be added (e.g. the dash "-" in the example).

2) When generating a CV from the candidate record you can use the field 'CV PDF Name Candidate Only'. It works similarly to the one above but is limited to only candidate record fields, as you are generating from the candidate there is no job application part of the context.

3) If you wish to configure a naming convention that is the default, and is applied to all templates that have neither of the above two options: create a new formula field on job application and/or candidate record. In that field write whatever formula you want the PDF filename to be and apply it to the new custom metadata - 'CV PDF Name Generating'. It has 2 records to define the API name of the field which will be used per object (candidate and job application). 

4) Last but not least there is an anonymized option. This allows you to check a box in CV gen, which will overrule the filename to become the anonymized option. The default anonymized filename can be found in the 'CV_filename_anonymous' field on both candidate and job application objects. But it is also possible to define your own anonymized filename through a new Custom Metadata - 'CV FileName Anonymizing'. It has 2 records to define the API name of the field which will be used per object (candidate and job application).


Career timeline

Career timeline is a new feature to make CVs work even better for certain countries: it allows you to merge education and work experiences into a single career timeline. This will allow you to drag & drop records between both sections, allowing for a complete chronological order of someone's professional history. Keep in mind a template will require changes to support this new timeline feature.


Date formatting (Documill only)

As part of the Documill flavor of CV Gen, we're introducing date formatting. Through date formatting you can select whichever date format you wish to apply to the CV. This could be anything from European style (dd-mm-yyyy), American style (mm/dd/yyyy) to even duration types (x years, y months) and many more.



We have added drag&drop in several places throughout the CV Generation.
First and foremost it's now possible to drag&drop work and education records into any order you'd like, as well as 1-click-sort them in descending date order.
Additionally, we've added sorting to hard criteria. You are now able to sort both individual Hard Criteria as well as the Hard Criteria sections themselves. This of course also works for individual Hard Criteria with levels.



We've made a couple of major changes to the sourcing of data for your CV generation. You will find a new tab on the right side that allows you to open the Candidate record's data, in CV generation format. This will allow you to always revert back to, or copy data from, the candidate record.

We have also changed the default data that is loaded into CV generation. The first time you make a CV, within a context (e.g. a specific Job Application), the data is loaded from the candidate record. If you come back the next day, and Generate another CV, by default it will load the data of your previous work. Allowing you to continue editing the CV you were working on, in an efficient manner. Keep in mind this functionality will only apply to generated a second (or later) CV within a context. Once you generate another CV for a different context (e.g. anoter job application), you will again start from the candidate record.

Of course, whatever is loaded into the CV generation by default, you can always revert back to another CV from any context, the original CV, or the candidate record, by using the sourcing options on the right.


Quick share CV

We are introducing a new option for sharing CVs in a very efficient manner. Through a configuration in the workflow steps (enable Generate CV required and attach CV to mail options), it becomes possible to generate a CV in a step, and immediately share it in an email right after generation. The CV will be automatically added, and the user can choose the receiver (default is the hiring manager for the job), and there are cc and bcc options (when configured).


Quality of life improvements

We have added several quality of life improvements.
There is a clear and clear all button that allows the user to clear out an entire section of data (e.g. removing all hard criteria). The clear all button can be configured to determine which sections will be cleared. This can be configured through Connexys Setup -> Application settings -> Generating CV in PDF -> populate the section names in the respective field for clear all.

We have collapsed the work experiences and education records to provide a clearer overview of the CV you are editing. Also improving the ease of sorting these records. 

Confirmation pop-ups when deleting data(e.g. a work experience), to make sure there's no accidental deletion of work.

When opening a saved CV (right side), by default the most recently generated CV, for that context, will be shown.


Miscellaneous improvements



Configuration instructions

CXS-1518 'Create Job Application' in TK Portal has been updated to Lightning version  
CXS-1517 'Add to Talentpool' has been updated to Lightning version  
CXS-1516 'Send Job by Email' in TK Portal has been updated to Lightning version  
CXS-387 Ability to restrict the amount of emails sent in one go to Candidates and Contacts

A new application setting under Email for setting the 'Max. email daily limit per user per day' has been created, set as required.

This is enforced it lightning only:

  • Talentpool Group Action: mail
  • Talentpool Group Action: send Job by email
  • Step (e.g. from Workflow Group Action)


Miscellaneous fixes



Configuration instructions
CXS-1366 Issues with parsing short date formats in different user languages have now been resolved  
CXS-1432 Issues with the display of Work Experience and Education dates have been resolved. A new Application Setting has been created - Connexys Setup -> Application settings ->  All Settings -> Generate CV in PDF format -> 'Enable date formatting for Work experience and Education' (Enable_date_formatting_for_GenCV).  Note that this is set to Disabled by default.
CXS-1151 The Job Wizard now escorts the user to empty mandatory fields when saving.  
CXS-1277 Issues with the translation of Privacy Statement labels in Job Alerts have now been resolved.  
CXS-1061 Data management has been improved to delete CV files when a candidate is deleted or anonymized.  
CXS-1114 Data management has been improved to delete Emails sent by Email Quick action to candidates when candidates are anonymized.  
CXS-1492 Candidates with a large amount of job applications can now successfully be anonymized.  
CXS-1448 The Job Application Wizard no longer has issues handling quotation marks in the job name.  
CXS-1425 Data updated via job applications now save back to the candidate record successfully.  
CXS-1384 Candidate photos now remain visible in the CV generator  
CXS-811 Scores in Questionnaires are now correctly calculated  
CXS-1573 An issue with Field dependencies no longer working has been resolved  
CXS-1369 Queue totals now show in the workflow summary component  
CXS-1419 All documents are now sent as attachments when the Application Setting 'AsAttachments' is set.  
CXS-1633 Manually added hard criteria are now included in the Job match query  
CXS-413 The Created From field is now populated in the Candidate Detail page when applying via a Mobile form  

Job Applications are now given the correct status, even after removing a step




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