Issue with updating existing candidate records via forms (Fixed)


Currently, all customer orgs that run version 26.1.4 are experiencing an issue where data from candidate fields on forms is not transferred to the database upon the form being submitted.

For the issue to occur, a candidate needs to already exist in the database before submitting the form. If the candidate is new and does not exist yet in the database, the issue will not occur. Keep in mind that historical data is not impacted and will under no circumstance be wiped as part of this issue.

If the candidate does exist, the following data is affected:

- Any field displayed on the form that is part of a cxsrec__cxsCandidate__c fieldset
- Education recordsFix

There currently is no workaround available. We are working towards a solution with urgency and will update this article when more info is available.

This is fixed with Patch 26.1.6

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