Release Notes - Connexys v.27


This article is an overview of the most important improvements and fixes for release v.27. 



  • Talentpool actions
  • Filtering candidates and contacts in proposal wizard
  • Preview of (recently added) candidates in Talentpool overview
  • Miscellaneous improvements
  • Miscellaneous fixes


Talentpool actions 

We have made significant improvements to talentpool global actions by rebuilding them completely in Lightning over the previous VisualForce pages. The following actions are redesigned into proper Lightning: 1) email, 2) send job by email, 3) apply to job.Screen_Shot_2021-02-22_at_18.01.04.png


Filtering candidates and contacts in proposal wizard

We've introduced the ability to filter candidates and contacts in the proposal wizard. The options are fully configurable through two new fieldsets:

1. SearchContactsFilter (Contact Object)

2. SearchCandidatesFilter (Candidate Object)



Preview of (recently added) candidates in talentpool overview

Similar to classic talent pools, it's possible to get a preview of the most recently added candidates to a talentpool. The user can get this view with the grid-selector on the overview page. Keep in mind that load times may be slower when you have a lot of talentpools in your overview page.




Miscellaneous improvements



Configuration instructions

CXS-781 Enhanced the GermanPersonnel integration to allow for custom UserArea fields to be added

Using the advanced application setting "GermanPersonnel custom UserArea field mappings" you can define new UserArea-tags to in the JSON which is posted to GermanPersonnel.




results in:




{   "Foo":"Subtitle of Job",  "SEO":"Keyword ect", ... }
CXS-170 Queues now work with the workflow page. Users in queues will also see records of their queues
Note: doesn't yet work for the homepage workflow summary component.
Salesforce's queues config


Miscellaneous fixes



CXS-1122 Fixed an issue where a candidate was not able to delete education on website integrated form
CXS-1110 Resolved a problem where opening talentpools gave a component error when talentpool filters are present on User record
CXS-1006 Resolved an issue when adding candidates to talentpool, talentpool activity window was not prompted
CXS-824 Resolved an error message for "Too many DML rows" in the maintain Picklist translation table



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