Release Notes - Connexys v.25


This article is an overview of the most important improvements and fixes for release v.25. 

Release 25 is a minor release and will not be rolled out to customer environments.


Miscellaneous improvements



Configuration instructions

CXS-660 We unlocked email signature editing with HTML. This was previously locked for admins.  
CXS-270 We have made the job application wizard fully configurable (this was not the case for the hardcoded fields like 'media channel' and 'workflow status'). 

2 additional fields are added to cxsrec__Group_Create_Job_Applications fieldset: Workflow status, Media Channel

Additionally a new application setting is implemented:

Connexys Setup -> Application Settings -> All Settings -> Talentpools -> Set default field values for 'Apply to Job' form

This setting allows to hide 5 hardcoded fields which are used to create new Job applications.

If 'Set default field values for 'Apply to Job' form' field is empty 'Job application details' form works without changes

If 'Set default field values for 'Apply to Job' form' contains structure with default values only fields which are added to fieldset will be shown on 'Job application details' form and required fields will be populated with default values, whilst being hidden from the layout.

Default values structure example:

[{ "fieldName":"Media_channel__c", 
"defaultValue":"Media channel ID" },
{ "fieldName":"Workflow_status__c",
"defaultValue":"Workflow status ID" },
{ "fieldName":"useLastCV",
"defaultValue":"true" },
{ "fieldName":"useLastLetter",
"defaultValue":"false" }]

CXS-37 We made the default filter for the proposals tab fully configurable. Similar to previous changes on the workflow tab.

To override default filters you need to create a new page in the lightning app builder for Proposals and paste in the field 'Filters' needed filter with special syntax like the example above. The filter consists of a field API name comparison operator (EQ, NE, GT, GE, LT, LE, ISNULL, NOTNULL, VALUEIN, VALUENOTIN, VALUELIKE, VALUENOTLIKE, DISTANCE) and the value. Dynamic values allowed only for UserId '{userId}' and record Id '{recordId}'. Then you need to add it as a tab.



Miscellaneous fixes



CXS-753 Resolved an issue where the "Next Candidate" button in the proposals component wouldn't always work correctly. 
CXS-692 Fixed an issue where mass-field-updates would fail when contact-candidate sync is enabled. 
CXS-671 Resolved an issue where file uploads that meet the max size criteria, would still fail in the proposal wizard.
CXS-484 Fixed an issue where the Lightning Candidate Wizard, to renew a cv for the candidate, opens in less than half a screen.
CXS-248 Resolved an issue where the Job Wizard would jump up when inserting value in contact lookup fields through a lookup search. 


Resolved an issue where TextKernel search would be displayed in half the viewstate, when working from Salesforce Console view.


Fixed an issue where a candidate would not be reindexed to TextKernel after being added to a talentpool.

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