URGENT Action Required - Check Site user access rights


Dear customer,

Salesforce is releasing Winter '21 between the 10th of October and 17th of October. This release contains several changes with regards to site user security. One of these changes contains a potential blocking impact for the usage of Javascript forms. Considering the Javascript forms functionality is often used for application forms, it is critical to take a couple of steps to prevent the forms from being broken after the rollout.In order to prevent issues, take the following steps:

  1. Make sure you are working with Connexys package v21 or higher. (See note below if you are not)
  2. Go to setup
  3. Navigate to sites
  4. Open the relevant site's public access settings and navigate to Object Permissions
  5. Make sure the site user has edit/update permissions on the candidate object.

Additionally, verify if the site/guest user still has the permission set that they had before Winter '21 rollout:

  1. Go to setup
  2. Navigate to sites
  3. Open the relevant site's public access settings and click "view users"
  4. Click on the site user's name (not on the edit button)
  5. Make sure they have the right permission set assigned in "Permission Set Assignments". If you have not made one yourself, this should be the "Connexys - Site guest user" permission set.

Once this is done, your forms should remain operational after the rollout of Winter '21. We recommend trying this on a sandbox first. Sandboxes are already rolled out to Winter '21, thus the perfect place to verify your forms remain in good shape.

If you are not on version 21 or higher: we are currently rolling out customers to later versions. If you are still on a lower version, please reach out to support. If you have any questions please do reach out to support through help@connexys.com.

Kind regards,

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