Release Notes - Connexys v.24


This article is an overview of the most important improvements and fixes for release v.24. 

Since Release 23 was a minor release and was not installed on any orgs, Release 24 will also push all improvements and changes from Release 23 to your org. For more information please read the release notes from Release 23.


We have adjusted our planning to not roll-out v24 to production environments. We will wait on v26 to be ready for full copy sandbox testing: ETA mid-November.


  • CV generation with Inline Editing
  • Miscellaneous improvements
  • Miscellaneous fixes
  • New: objects, fields and VisualForce pages


CV generation with Inline Editing

With release 24 we are enhancing our CV generation with Inline Editing tooling, built in collaboration with Documill. We have introduced three options as possible sources for CV generation:

  • Candidate record (previously available), where the data in Salesforce is used to generate a new CV in your template;
  • Original candidate CV, where the original CV is used to generate a new one;
  • A previously generated CV, where you can select an earlier generated CV as the source of the next one. 

Selected documents as a source can be previewed in the right panel.


Additionally it is now possible to use the change recruiter functionality to set the recruiter for the generated CV. Only applicable to CV generation with inline editing.

Finally, we have made improvements on the template selection. Before actually generating the CV, and/or inline-editing it, the user can easily select the template they want to use. This selection screen offers basic filtering and sorting options, similar to other data tables, throughout Connexys. Screenshot_2020-08-05_at_16.38.01.png

The inline-editing CV generator is a separate module, if you would like to make use of this, please contact your account manager.


Configuring change recruiter functionality

To define the default fields for select recruiter (please refer to the section “change recruiter functionality” on how the change recruiter default is set) on the job and the account, the API names of the fields on job and account are set in the following 2 fields respectively:

  • System_defaults__c.Default_recruiter_fieldname_job__c
  • System_defaults__c.Default_recruiter_fieldname_account__c

In Salesforce setup for your org, please search for “system defaults”. Select Manage  → Edit  on the System defaults page and set the fields as shown in screenshots below.

  • Default Recruiter Field Name Job
  • Default Recruiter Field Name Account




Miscellaneous improvements



Configuration instructions

CXS-25 App settings 'Education_month_format' and 'Work_experience_month_format' now also apply to CV generation. Allowing you to set the date formatting for both. You can find the settings via Application Settings > Generate CV
CXS-455 We have increased the allowed amount of characters in textareas in questionnaires to 1000. Additionally we have added a counter to keep live track of the current amount of characters.  No configuration needed; text area length can be configured on the respective question 
CXS-340  The mergefields 'special.candidatecards' and 'special.candidatetable' are now translateable into multiple languages. No configuration needed; translations are available through the Translation workbench in the Salesforce setup.
CXS-233 Talentpool filtering on owner and category will be saved in Lightning, as already was the case in Classic. This means that the filter will remain active after refreshes, and even after logging out (and back in). No configuration needed. If the fields are not yet present, you can add them to the talentpool filter fieldset. 
CXS-642 It is now possible to disable document conversion when performing mass data actions (e.g. through dataloader) where you prefer not to trigger parsing. To disable a trigger create a hierarchical custom setting 'Disable triggers' and add the name of the triggers comma separated to the field 'Trigger names'.
Currently this will only work for 'cxsAttachmentUrlUpdater'.


Miscellaneous fixes



CXS-584 We fixed an issue where the alignment of the mergefields 'special.candidatecards' and 'special.candidatetable' would be off.

In the Job Application wizard, the user chooses a workflow status. An issue resulted in this selection not respecing the object sharing rules in Lightning. Allowing users to select workflow statuses that shouldn't be available based on these rules. This has now been fixed in Lightning (the issue was not present in Classic).

CXS-421  We have fixed an issue where PDFs of CVs, in the proposal portal, would be downloaded instead of previewed. 
CXS-206 We resolved an issue where you could no longer select an existing CV in the Job Application wizard. 
 CXS-205  Resolved an issue where sorting of data wouldn't work in Classic talentpools.



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