Demo orgs are currently not working


We are currently experiencing an issue where trials of our application are not functioning properly. When requesting a demo org, it will not allow you to properly go through the initial Connexys setup when first opening the org. 

Symptoms of this error include (but are not limited to):

  • Opening application forms
  • Opening the standard Lightning pages
  • Opening proposals
  • Generating links that refer to any page that is hosted by the site user
  • Accessing the Connexys setup 

Root cause:

The issue currently lies with Salesforce, as demo orgs that are requested get stuck in a 'provisioning' status. This prevents the org from properly publishing (site) domains, which are needed to host most of the pages that are used throughout the application.

We are waiting for Salesforce to provide a fix to this issue. Progress on this issue can be tracked through Salesforces' own article on the issue.



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