Release Notes - Connexys v.23


This article is an overview of the most important improvements and fixes for release v.23. This release contains some enhancements towards the inline-edit CV generator, security related changes and some miscellaneous fixes and enhancements.



Release 23 is a minor release and will not be generally available for all customers. It is available for sandboxes if customers wish to test some of the changes in this release.



  • Proposal wizard improvements
  • Miscellaneous improvements
  • Miscellaneous fixes
  • New: objects, fields and VisualForce pages


Proposal wizard improvements

With release 23 we have made some changes to the proposal wizard. It is now fully optional to share CVs when making a proposal. In addition to that, the mergefields for sharing CVs in emails will now work irrespective of the selected flow ('generate new CV' vs 'select previously generated CV'). This means it is no longer required to have two different email templates. One email template can now suffice for both flows.


Miscellaneous improvements



Configuration instructions

CXS-705 When attaching documents in a workflow step, the name of the document would sometimes be cut off because of its length. The user will now be presented with a tooltip on hover, that displays the full name of the document.  
CXS-523 Some minor UI enhancements were made to the inline-edit CV generator.   
CXS-473 We have improved the design of the list view of previously generated CVs. This means it will work better across different screen resolutions.  
CXS-311 Display the number of members in a talentpool on the talentpool overview page In fieldset "talentPoolsTab" of the Talentpool object you should add the field "People in Talentpool". This field should also have enough FLS rights to be seen by users.
CXS-236 Within a talentpool you can now click on a candidate name to go straight to their candidate detail page. The "Person" (cxsrec__Person_link__c) field in cxsrecPerson_in_Talentpool_c object will now be rendered as a link in lightning tables (TalentpoolRecordView). No action required.
 CXS-55 We have introduced the ability to delay automatically sent emails in a workflow.    

As part of this feature a time based workflow rule has to be created/modified based on the existing workflow rules, currently the time based workflow rule cannot be uploaded to AppExchange. Please find the details of the workflow rule below: 

  • Sobject: Email (cxsrec__cxsEmail__c)
  • Evaluation Criteria: created
  •  Rule Criteria: formula evaluates to true
    • This Rule to include the below formula: isBlank(cxsrec__Attachment__c) && NOT(isBlank( cxsrec__Send_date__c ))
  • Workflow Actions: 
    • Time Trigger: 0 Days after Email: Send date
    • Add Workflow Actions (Action Type) :  
      • Email Alert: cxsEmailTemplate
      • Field Update: cxsEmailActualSendDate
  • Save and Activate the workflow rule


Miscellaneous fixes



Misc. translation issues with the inline-edit CV generator
CXS-559 We fixed an issue where the "continue" button would not work in a workflow step when the inline-edit CV generator is enabled.
An error "no valid id" in the inline-edit CV generator is resolved
We fixed an issue where previously generated CVs, with regards to the inline-edit CV generator, would not always show up in the preview window.
CXS-431 & CXS-405
Not all original CVs would show up in the list view, when selecting an original CV for the inline-edit CV generator. This is now fixed. Additionally, CVs that are still in draft will no longer be presented in this list view.
Some formatting options (e.g. Bold/Italic/Underline/Strikethrough) were not working correctly in the Lightning CV generator, this is fixed.
CXS-181  We fixed an issue where the candidate photo would not show in the proposal portal.
CXS-115 After editing work experience or education, records were not being sent for reindexing to Textkernel. This is fixed, records will now be reindexed straight after editing work experience or education.
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