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This article is an overview of the most important improvements and fixes for release v.22. The primary topic of this release is security, we have made many improvements to be in accordance with Salesforce’s best practices with regards to security measures. In addition to the security changes, we are delivering miscellaneous improvements and fixes.

Since Release 21 was a minor release and was not installed on any orgs, Release 22 will also push all improvements and changes from Release 21 to your org. For more information please read the release notes from Release 21.


We plan to make release 22 available for rollout to full copy sandboxes from the 20th of April onwards. Production environments to follow soon after.


  • Enforcing CRUD/FLS
  • Miscellaneous improvements
  • Miscellaneous fixes
  • New: objects, fields and VisualForce pages



Enforcing CRUD/FLS (cxs-72 + cxs-104)


In release 22 we are extending our implementation of CRUD/FLS enforcement, from the original implementation in release 18. For context about the changes we made with release 18, make sure to read this article.

In addition to optionally enforcing CRUD/FLS on the creation and updating of records, we are also adding it to the viewing of records. This addition will be configurable and thus optional, for the time being. We plan to fully enforce CRUD/FLS (non-optional) from release 24 onwards.

We highly recommend to start testing with CRUD/FLS enforcement from release 22 onwards. The custom setting will allow you to test on a per profile or per user basis. Whilst testing, you may run into the following issues:
Fields that were visible to a user on a page, may no longer be visible to them. If this is not desired, you can fix the FLS of that field to fix this.
When opening a page the user may receive an error message that the object is not accessible. Changing the permissions on the affected object will fix this.
In rare cases the page could fully crash for the user. This one is the most difficult to troubleshoot. When you are not sure which field/object is causing this issue, reach out to Support. They can check the debug logs to verify the culprit.
Again: these issues will only arise for users where CRUD/FLS has been enabled for, through the custom settings provided.


Configuration instructions

To enable CRUD/FLS go to Salesforce setup > custom settings > click on manage next to “CRUD and FLS settings”
On this page you can choose to enable CRUD/FLS enforcement for all users, in the viewing of records, the updating/creating of records or both.
image2.pngClicking on the new button will allow you to enable the settings for specific users or specific profiles.

Approach recommendation

CRUD/FLS enforcement is an important step towards an even more secure platform. We highly recommend starting now (if you haven’t already) and making sure your environment is fully compliant. From release 24 onwards this will no longer be optional. Release 22 provides some useful tooling to test this, we recommend the following approach:

1. Enable CRUD/FLS fully on your sandbox, and take care of low hanging fruit. There may be some obvious errors that you can easily find and fix as per the above description.You can also elect to verify CRUD/FLS without enabling enforcement. However we believe the ‘trial and error’ approach will be quicker and less error-prone.

2. Enable CRUD/FLS on production, for a single user per profile. Find a representative for each profile that understands the impact. They will let you know if they run into any issues (e.g. they can’t save a form, they do not see a field they did before etc).

3. Fully enable CRUD/FLS for all users in due time before release 24 becomes available. If you do run into issues you didn’t catch in the previous two steps, you still have the option to disable the enforcement.

4. Take release 24, where you will have full CRUD/FLS enforcement.

Miscellaneous improvements



Configuration instructions


We have made it possible to use our Documill integration(s) both in Lightning and Classic simultaneously, allowing for a more gradual transition to lightning.



In iFrame forms, the date-pickers will now allow future dates to be selected as values.



The ‘My open jobs’ component for the homepage can now be configured to choose an x amount of lines it should display.

Use design attribute numberRecordsToDisplay to OpenJobsSummary component that define number of rows to display on component load. Added attributes to component BaseSummaryTable that are represents number of rows to display and step for "View more" functionality (value equals initial number of rows to display)


When making a step outside of the workflow the workflow status will now be profiled and mandatory in Lightning, just as it is in Classic



We added the ‘Share documents section’ for Generated CV component embedded in Proposal Wizard. Now you can add extra documents to a proposal made in lightning, even when generating a new cv.



We added a new (custom aura) component that allows you to add persons to a talentpool from its detail page.

Use the new custom aura component "AddPersonToTalentpool"


Sharing rule to provide Media Channel access to Supplier Portal Users



Security Controls -> Sharing Settings -> section "Media channel Sharing Rules"

Label: "Marketplace MediaChannel share with SP Login User"

Rule Name: Marketplace_MediaChannel_SP_Login_User

Criteria: "Media channel name" equals "Marketplace"

Share with "Public Groups", "All Customer Portal Users"

Access Level Read Only


We've made it possible to disable the enhanced lookup functionality with an application setting.

You can request this to be disabled by support..



Miscellaneous fixes




We have optimized the logic to make sure jobs with large amounts of applications can always be edited.


File upload size limit is now upped to 4Mb.


Candidate trigger will now update Candidate full name if a character is only capitalized (or the other way around)


Workflow filter on homepage is now also saved when the user is a non-Admin


Removed Talentpool from filters on Talentpool detail page


Picklist values for Step Record Type are now working properly


GMAIL for SF: Error message when an email address contains uppercase(s) is now fixed


Link on bottom of a talentpool "there are more members" is working again


When missing a validated field (e.g. a field being required), in the candidate wizard, you will know scroll to that error again.


Topics now again visible in Job Application fieldset in Step Component


Custom fields in CV Generator are no longer emptied  after parsing


Default Date/Time value now does work in Lightning


You can no longer add 1 candidate, multiple times, to the same talentpool


Geolocation calculation toast message on Job & Candidate creation is removed to avoid confusion


CV Picklist no longer disappears in Job Application Wizard


CPU Time out batch email Talentpool 60+ candidates is no longer happening


Match-% is now correctly  calculated with Job Requirements


Changing contact person on 'plan hiring manager interview' page now does properly trigger email template refresh


Lightning component CandidateWizardActionContainer does now correctly load


HTML is now working correctly in the proposal portal


Wrongly escaped characters on update form no longer causing issues


When generating a CV in lightning a file is now created


"Error:Attempt to de-reference a null object" error when trying to send job by email is now gone


API name (a non-translated value) is now no longer shown instead of (translated) picklist value in the generated CV, in lightning. 



New: objects, fields and VisualForce pages



API name

Parent object

Aura Component Bundle




Permission set

Connexys - Textkernel



Custom Field

Enforce CRUD/FLS for query


CRUD and FLS Setting

Static Resource



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