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This article is an overview of the most important improvements for release v.21. We recently held a webinar about security and changes that we are making in the upcoming March release. If you did not attend, make sure to read this article.

For a list of new objects, fields and Visualforce pages that were added in this release, please go to this article.


This release is a minor release and, therefore, won’t be installed on all customer orgs. The affected customers will be contacted directly regarding the deployment of this release.


  • Topics
  • Before and after HTML
  • GDPR enhancements  
  • Talentpool changes
  • Styling of proposal emails
  • Misc. changes and fixes


Already available in SF Classic, but now also in Lightning: topics!

Users can add topics to candidates. The topics of candidates can be viewed and added from both the candidate as well in the list view on the talentpools. 



Before and after HTML

The before and after HTML functionality will be locked from release 21 onwards. This functionality allows you to customizepages (e.g. the apply page) with custom branding and other options, by writing code (HTML, Javascript, CSS) that is applied to the page. 
Any changes made before taking release 21(+) will remain active. It will not be possible to make changes after taking this release, or a later one.This change is part of our ongoing effort to improve security, as discussed in our security webinar.


GDPR changes

Users create candidates manually, without having received consent from the candidate. Users create job applications for these candidates, which eventually results in candidates with open job applications not getting anonymized as the current anonymization script only anonymizes candidates without open job applications

  • Currently we have one application setting for notification date that is used for both manual and automatically created candidates. This has been  split up as follows:
    • An application setting for manually created candidates to specify the time period “in days” before they are anonymized. This is called “period without consent”
    • An application setting for manually created candidates to specify the time period when a follow up notification should be sent. This can also be 0 or null, which means no follow up notification is sent. This is called “Consent notify period”
  • An email template for a manually created candidate has been added “Default_anonymize_notification_consent”. This email template will seek approval from candidate rather than tell them that they are being anonymized. The cut off date for accepting the privacy policy is a merge field.
  • An application setting which is a check box now specifies if candidates with open job applications should be anonymized. If checked - it anonymized candidates with open job applications. The default is unchecked which means no anonymization of candidates with open job applications. This application setting is used for both manual and automatically created candidates.
  • We already have an application setting on candidate wizard (Candidate Wizard->Disable Automatic Privacy Statement) for disabling automatic privacy statements. When this is checked the Date will not be set in the Date_Privacy_Statement__c field on candidate. When this is not set as in the case of a manual process, this will then lead to sending a consent request to the Candidate with the new mail template - Default_anonymize_notification_consent.


Candidate wizard on communities for supplier portal

The candidate wizard has been made available on communities: so that anyone setting up a supplier portal on communities can use this component. 

A new Application Setting: Candidate_wizard_community which is used to set the sections and layout that will be needed for the Candidate Wizard page when appearing on a Community page.

A few new attributes in CandidateWizard for communities now control its behavior. These have been made available for our customers to control behavioral aspects of the wizard for suppliers: 

  • applicationSetting: By default, CandidateWizard will use the 'Candidate_wizard' application setting to build the form. Should this be a different setting, enter the name of the application setting. The new application setting 'Candidate_wizard_community' can be used to build the form instead of 'Candidate_wizard' 
  • limitComponentHeight: Limits the height of the component with the class limitHeight that has the styling: calc(100vh - 210px) 
  • showCreateApplicationButton: Indicates whether the Save and New Job Application button should be displayed. Default value is true 
  • doParsing: Check this field if the CV should be parsed while the user is creating the Candidate record. Default value is true 
  • defaultValues: Array list of objects containing default values for fields on the Candidate object. Example: {'name' : 'cxsrec__Town_city__c', 'value' : 'Rotterdam'} 
  • disableAvailableForMatching: Disable the Available for Matching checkbox field on the Candidate record. This will only apply if field is not on the screen and the user is creating a new Candidate record. Default value is false 

In order to use the CandidateWizard in the Community, the customer will have  to create a placeholder component. The placeholder component will then have to be embedded in the Candidate Wizard.  At a minimum, the attribute communityContext will need to be set to true. 

The other parameters listed above are optional based on the requirements of the customer


Talentpool changes

Candidates can now be added to a talentpool right from Textkernel search.

Candidates can be added to a talentpool from talentpool record details page of a candidate.

Activity templates that are enabled for the talentpool will be triggered when adding a candidate to a talentpool in either of these new ways.
As mentioned before, topics are now also available from talentpools, including the ability to edit them for a candidate. 


Styling of proposal emails

Until now it was not possible to fully style proposal emails. Specifically the candidate cards and candidates table could not be styled as they were hardcoded in. With release 21 it’ll be possible to style these merge fields to your liking with HTML and CSS markup. Important note: not all HTML and CSS possibilites are supported by mail, the preview window is not a guarantee that the email will look exactly like that, as the preview (web) will support all HTML and CSS possibilities.
This article explains how to style the cards and table.


Supplier Portal 21

With this release the configuration of the suppliers has changed. In order to see the right accounts in the overview when you send out the job to suppliers, you need to do the following.

  • On the account that is a supplier you need to be sure that account record type is Connexys Supplier.  Add the field “Is Supplier” on the page Lay out and check the check box.AccountSupplier.png
  •  The contact that is connected to the account should have field “Supplier?” added on the Lay out and this field needs to be checked as well. Record type should be Connexys Supplier just like with account.ContactSupplier.jpg


Workflow tab without Default filter

To improve the performance of Lightning Salesforce while using Workflow, it is made possible to make a new Tab with a Workflow with a Default Filter turned off. You can see here how to make this new tab.


Setup → In Quick Find search for ‘’Lightning App Builder’’ → Clone ‘’Workflow’’.

Drag ‘’Workflow’’ from the left in red to the box where you see ‘’add component(s) here’’.


On the left a list of fields are now shown. In the Filter field write “RandomText” and check the “Prevent using default contact filter” box.


Save→  Activate → Name the page.

On the start page click on the pencil on the right. You will see Edit Connexys App Navigation Items. Click on ‘’add more Items’’ → Available items→  More. You should see the new page. Click + on the left to add.

Misc. changes

  • Users can send generated CVs as attachments in a mail. Added new Custom Labels:
    1. API Name - Attach_document   label - Attach document
    2. API Name - Related_documents   label - Related documents
  • Users can add additional candidates to a group application. This was already possible in Salesforce Classic, and is now also available in Lightning.
  • Users can now see active job applications in the talentpool details page. This was already possible in Salesforce Classic, and is now also available in Lightning.
  • Active job applications for the candidate on the talent pool
  • Adding candidates from textkernel to talent pools
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