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This feature is available starting 29-08-2019

Textkernel will push a change to roll out Projects. This change will impact all searches initiated from either a Job record or a Candidate record but also how to save search results initiated from the Search tabs for customers on all releases up to version 18 (available from the 22nd of July).

From release 18 onward we will deploy an application setting to switch this new way of working on, so default it will be turned off. There will be no setting available in release versions prior to release 18.

In case you want to know more about Textkernel projects, there will be a webinar hosted by Textkernel on Thursday August 1st from 1:30 pm to 2:30 pm CEST. To attend the webinar click on this link. The webinar will be hosted in English.


Change to the functionality of Textkernel Search buttons

If you start your search by pressing the 'Textkernel Candidate Search' or 'Textkernel job search' button showing on the Job or Candidate record a specific project will be created for you automatically, using the name of the Job or Candidate you are viewing.

When the automatically created project is 'active' this is visible by the appearance of a project name (either the name of the candidate or the job) as a blue tag above the search results.

Any results that are 'starred' with a specific project active, will be stored to this project automatically.


Saving a Candidate Search

To save a query, click the "Save search" button. A modal screen will appear. Within this modal window, a name for this specific search can be entered and a project for this search can be chosen. If "Save to new project" has been selected, a unique name should be entered to create a new project to save the search. To finalize the saving, either click the "Save" button or press the Return key on your keyboard.


Saving Results

To save a single result, click the empty star symbol on the right hand side of the result. To save multiple results at the same time, tick the checkboxes next to desired results and then the "Save" button. The star will turn full as a confirmation of a successful save.

 If there is no active project at the moment of saving, a pop-up window will appear within which a desired existing project can be chosen, or a new project can be created

To remove a previously saved result, the procedure is the same - either click the full star symbol or select multiple items and then click "Remove" button.


Tags showing on saved results

Results can be saved to multiple projects and will show all of the projects by their name as a 'tag' on the result. Depending on the resolution of your screen and the length of the project titles the display of projects will be cut off ending in ‘…’ at the far right of the screen.

There is no limitation to the number of projects a result can be saved to.


Viewing saved searches and results

Projects can contain multiple Saved Searches and multiple Saved Results (contained in a single result list). Project data is not shared between Job searching and Candidate searching.


To open a list of all your projects, select the 'Projects' link in the top right above your search results. This will open a modal window containing a list of all your projects, sorted by most recently created first.

Actions to be performed in the modal window:

  •     To run a saved search, click a name in the "Searches" list
  •     To view a list of saved results for this project, click the "selection" link
  •     To just set a project as currently active, so that you can start tagging results to it, click its name


Managing your projects

  •     To delete a project, click the bin icon on the right hand side of the header
  •     To rename a project, click the edit icon. The project name will be replaced by a text box in which a new name can be entered. To confirm the name change, press the Return key on your keyboard or just click outside the text box. Similarly, to delete a saved search, click the bin icon on the right hand side of the list. To edit a saved search, first click the edit icon
  •     In case you have many projects and need a better way to grasp them, it is possible to sort them either by name (A-Z or Z-A) or by creation date (newest first or oldest first). It is also possible to filter the projects list. Filtering is done on partial match on the name (e.g. "man" will match both "manager" and "Germany"). Both filtering and sorting can be used at the same time
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