Release Notes - Connexys v.18


This article is an overview of the most important improvements for release v.18. For a list of new objects, fields and visualforce pages that were added in this release, please go to this article.


Since Release 17 was a minor release and was not installed on any orgs, Release 18 will also push all improvements and changes from Release 17 to your org. For more information please read the release notes from Release 17.


Start installing: Summer 2019 [Expected: July/August]


  • Lightning Ready
  • Changes
  • Announcement


Lightning Ready

Bullhorn Connexys is now Salesforce Lightning enabled, and offers a new contemporary user experience and inbuilt Lightning components to enhance the recruitment process. Please reach out to your Account Manager to find out more about the Lightning release and how you can transition. 
For more details on the Lightning release, visit our Bullhorn Connexys Lightning page.



We have added a new application setting named Create Project when opening Search (under the section Textkernel) with which you can switch the Projects functionality on or off. The default for this setting is false, which means that if you wish to use the Projects functionality you'll need to change the value of the setting to true. This is for both Textkernel Candidate Search and Textkernel Job Search. Please be aware that to be able to save search results the Projects functionality needs to be enabled. More information about the Projects functionality can be found in this article. [TRS-7571]

Proposal Portal

The answer proposal page now has a new feature that allows users to create a new Job application and/or Job from the proposal page screen. Keep in mind that the answer proposal functionality, and thus this new feature, is only available in Lightning. [TRS-7348] 

Generate CV

As of this release it's also possible to generate a CV in Lightning without having to send it to a hiring manager in the same step. In Classic this was already possible. To enable this for Lightning you have to make sure the following is configured:

  • In the corresponding workflow step the field Generated CV required needs to be set to true;
  • The new field Generate CV as needs to be set to CV generator before step (on the same workflow step).

When the above is configured, users will get to see a Generate CV popup when they choose that step.

The new field Generate CV as only has effect when Generated CV required is set to true and defines how the generate CV page is opened. The field has two possible values: Proposal wizard and CV generator before step, where the first is the default value, which means that all steps that have Generate CV required enabled will open the Proposal wizard in Lightning by default. [PS-163] 

Candidate Contact Synchronization

The Candidate Contact Synchronization system is an automated process which keeps both Contact and Candidate records in sync based on a set of user-defined key field mappings. This feature is currently in the pilot-phase and will be available for use as of our next (major) release. It will be announced in upcoming release notes as soon as this feature is ready for use. [TRS-6057]


The job type elements are now also transferred to Mimir (JobPublishJobType list). [MAIN-219]

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