Release Notes - Connexys v.17


This article is an overview of the most important improvements for release v.17. For a list of new objects, fields and Visualforce pages that were added in this release, please go to this article.


This release is a minor release and, therefore, won’t be installed on all customer orgs. The affected customers will be contacted directly regarding the deployment of this release.


  • Lightning Ready
  • Changes
  • Lightning


Lightning Ready

Bullhorn Connexys is now Salesforce Lightning enabled, and offers a new contemporary user experience and inbuilt Lightning components to enhance the recruitment process. Please reach out to your Account Manager to find out more about the Lightning release and how you can transition. 
For more details on the Lightning release, visit our Bullhorn Connexys Lightning page. To watch a demo of our Lightning release, visit this page and request the webinar. Please note that this webinar is only available in Dutch. For the possibilities of a demo in English you can reach out to your Account Manager.



Mimir: End date

There was a discrepancy between the end date in our application and the end date that Mimir received for a published job. We have now corrected this to make sure job adverts are posted the desired amount of days as chosen in our application. [MAIN-172]

Mail a Friend: Captcha enabled

We have enabled Captcha for the Mail a Friend page to improve the security for this functionality. To use Captcha, you need to obtain a site key and a secret key which can be obtained from this site. Click on the admin Admin console button and make sure to select the correct Captcha type (reCAPTCHA v2) and add the correct domain of the site. 

The generated keys then need to be added to the Custom Settings (which can be found in the Salesforce Setup), in the two new settings that have been created for this:

  • reCAPTCHA Site Key
  • reCAPTCHA Secret Key

By adding the keys to the Custom Settings, Captcha will automatically be implemented onto the Mail a Friend page. Make sure you also add the following site as a Remote Site Setting: [TRS-7419]

NOTE: Captcha v2 is supported with the type I'm not a robot checkbox
NOTE: Captcha v3 is NOT supported



Talentpool: new design attribute

My Favorite Talentpools has a new design attribute: Number of Members Displayed. The number can be set from 1 to 30 members. [TRS-7244]

Proposal wizard: Answer Proposal component

When a job application proposal or open candidate proposal is done to more than one hiring manager they can now all respond to the proposal. Each hiring manager can even send in multiple responses. In the Answer Proposal component, which can be viewed from the Proposals tab in Lightning, the Recruiter can see all the messages given by the Hiring Manager as well as edit them. To use this functionality you need to make sure that the Site user has Create and Edit access to the Proposal Message object and its associated fields.

Please note that only the first response (of the first hiring manager who responds) will change the status of a proposed job application, this cannot be changed after that by one of the hiring managers. [TRS-7320]

Proposal Portal: Generated CV

The Selected Generated CV list is now more restrictive as this will prevent issues with the Generate CV page as well as the Proposal Portal.

When an application is being proposed, only Generate CV records linked to that Job Application will appear in the list. There is a Saved CVs section on the right side which will contain all Generated CV records related to the Candidate regardless of which Job Application it is linked to as well as records that are not linked to a Job Application but to the same Candidate.

When proposing a Candidate as an Open Proposal, the list will only show Generate CV records that are linked to the Candidate and without a Job Application. Again, the Saved CVs section on the right side which will contain all Generated CV records related to the Candidate regardless of whether it is linked to a Job Application or not. [TRS-7446]


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