ACTION MAY BE REQUIRED: Prepare for the EU9 Instance Refresh happening on June 2


Action may be required if you've received the email below that was sent by Salesforce.

As an admin of a Salesforce org on the EU9 instance, we would like to notify you of an upcoming instance refresh maintenance.

In order to prepare for your organization’s continued growth, Salesforce occasionally needs to perform an activity, called an instance refresh, where they upgrade the infrastructure supporting your instance in their data centers. This will enable Salesforce to continue to provide your organization with the same levels of performance.

Following this maintenance, your instance will move to another data center within the European Economic Area. Salesforce will inform you of your new instance name at least six weeks prior to the maintenance.

Do I need to take action?

We have reviewed the information provided by Salesforce and have come to the conclusion that you only need to take action if you reference the instance in for example custom buttons, in custom links in email templates or if you retrieve data like jobs, campus events and contacts via the webservice as described in this article. Make sure other parties, for example intranet, also perform the necessary change if applicable.

The endpoint you currently use to retrieve the data via the webservice, can refer to the instance EU9. If so, you need to change the endpoint since this name will change.

Getting the correct end-point

It is possible to change "EU9" to the new instance name after the refresh has been completed. However, you should use the custom domain that applies to your org. See this article on setting up a domain if this is not yet set up for your org.

You can find the custom Salesforce domain in Salesforce Set-up under Domain Management. See this picture:

The custom domain looks like this in most cases: "connexys-<4 numbers>". The soap address will then look like this:

<soap:address location=""/>

The advantage of pointing the soap address to your custom domain is that in case of a future instance refresh or org move to another instance there will be no impact on your interfaces.


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