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This article is an overview of the most important improvements for release v.16. For a list of new objects, fields and visualforce pages that were added in this release, please go to this article.


Since Release 15 was a minor release and was only installed on a couple of orgs, Release 16 will also push all improvements and changes from Release 15 to your org. For more information please read the release notes from Release 15.


Start installing: Fall/Spring 2019 [Expected: February/March]


  • Lightning Ready
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Lightning Ready

Bullhorn Connexys is now Salesforce Lightning enabled, and offers a new contemporary user experience and inbuilt Lightning components to enhance the recruitment process. Please reach out to your Account Manager to find out more about the Lightning release and how you can transition. 
For more details on the Lightning release, visit our Bullhorn Connexys Lightning page.


This release contains improvements for both Classic and Lightning, but the changes listed here are Lightning specific changes. 

Proposal Portal

To correctly show the translations for picklist values in the Proposal Portal you need to make sure to update the Picklist Translation Table whenever a new (multi select) picklist field is created or if there is a change in the translations. The changes made will not be recognized if this is not done. 

  1. To add the translation for the picklist, you need to go to the Salesforce Setup > search for Translate > Click on Translate > Select the language you want to add translations for > Select Picklist value > Select Proposal object > add the translation for the values and save.
  2. Updating the picklist translations can be done in the Connexys (Resource Manager) Setup > Maintain Picklist Translation Table > Update Table. [TRS-7106]

Lightning Job Wizard

If the account is not pre-populated in the Lightning Job Wizard, change the New button for when a new Job is created from the Job related list on the account page and for when a new Job is created from the Job related list on the contact page. [TRS-7144]

Lightning Candidate Wizard

To avoid caching issues with the Lightning Candidate Wizard in quick action, you need to do the following:

  1. Create a quick action with the name "Edit" for the Candidate object and override for Lightning Experience by Lightning component: cxsrec:CandidateWizardActionContainer;
  2. Replace the standard Edit button with the custom quick action "Edit" for every Candidate layout that is used. [TRS-7181]

Fieldset Component

The grey part of the Fieldset component section header does not align with the grey part of the RecordDetail Component when the Fieldset component is placed below the RecordDetail Component. Therefore a new Design attribute has been added for the Fieldset component, a checkbox named Embedded Style. When the value is true it changes the style if the fieldset is inside a Tab or another component. [TRS-7078]

Field dependencies

To show correct field dependencies for picklist fields you need to refresh the picklist values after changing dependent field settings:

  • Go to the Connexys (Resource Manager) Setup > Lightning picklist values > Click on the button "Refresh picklist values".

You also need to make sure that the visualforce domain of your org is added to the remote site settings (Salesforce Setup > Security Controls > Remote Site Settings). [TRS-7224]


To show all the fields in the Person in Talentpool records properly, you'll need to follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Salesforce Setup > Object Manager
  2. Open the Person in Talentpool object (cxsrec__cxsPerson_in_Talentpool__c)
  3. Choose Fieldsets > talentPoolRecordView (cxsrec__talentPoolRecordView)

* To have an interactive link to the 'person' add Candidate field to the fieldset
* Instead of 'Added date' field, use 'Created Date' for the Person
* Use Candidate > Record Type field to view the appropriate Record Type [TRS-7279]



Visualforce page URL

Starting from 16 March 2019, Salesforce will enable the critical update 'Remove Instance Names from URLs for Visualforce, Community Builder, Studio, and Content Files (Critical Update)'. After this update has been enabled, you'll need to make sure that the application setting Host URL of Visualforce pages in a current SF org is filled in with the correct Visualforce URL.

We recommend that you enable the critical update before Salesforce enforces it. After you enable the critical update, you can immediately enter the correct Visualforce page URL. We have tested extensively with this critical update enabled.

To find the correct Visualforce URL you'll need to navigate to the Connexys Setup page where you'll see Visualforce Url box. This box contains the correct URL. Copy the URL and paste it in the application setting Host URL of Visualforce pages in a current SF org(Connexys Setup > Application settings > All settings > General).


The setting will be automatically filled with the correct value when you navigate to the Connexys Setup for the first time after release 15 has been installed (or higher if the 15 release won't be installed on your org). If the application setting is empty for some reason, you can copy it from the Visualforce Url box on the Connexys Setup page.


To be able to post jobs via GermanPersonnel in Lightning Experience you're required to add a value for this application setting, even if the critical update is not yet enabled. After the critical update has been enabled, you'll need to repeat this to make sure the URL has the correct notation.


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