ACTION REQUIRED: Prepare for the CS80, CS81, CS86, and CS87 Sandbox Migration happening on January 19


Action may be required if you've received the email below that was sent by Salesforce.

As an admin of a Salesforce org with at least one sandbox currently on CS80, CS81, CS86, and/or CS87, we would like to notify you of an upcoming instance refresh maintenance.

In order to provide exceptional performance, availability, and reliability of our service, we occasionally need to perform a capacity planning activity, called a sandbox migration. The CS80, CS81, CS86, and CS87 instances will be moving from an existing Salesforce sandbox instance onto new infrastructure. Following the maintenance, these sandbox instances will be served from our data centers located in the London, UK (North) and London, UK (West) metropolitan areas. The sandbox instance names will not change.

Do I need to take action?

If your corporate network settings or email security filters restrict access to IP ranges, please ensure that you include the current Salesforce IP ranges. Otherwise, your users may be unable to access the sandbox following the migration. This needs to be checked internally.



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