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This article is an overview of the most important improvements for release v.15. For a list of new objects, fields and Visualforce pages that were added in this release, please go to this article.


This release is a minor release and, therefore, won’t be installed on all customer orgs. The affected customers will be contacted directly regarding the deployment of this release.


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  • Changes
  • Lightning
  • Announcement



Lightning Ready

Bullhorn Connexys is now Salesforce Lightning enabled, and offers a new contemporary user experience and inbuilt Lightning components to enhance the recruitment process. Please reach out to your Account Manager to find out more about the Lightning release and how you can transition.
For more details on the new release, visit our Bullhorn Connexys Lightning page.



Proposal Portal

  • We’ve created a new application setting in the Connexys Setup, which can be found in the Proposal Portal section called Ip Range Whitelist. When one or more ranges are entered, the proposal pages will only be accessible to users whose IP addresses are within those ranges. [MAIN-109]
  • A new field has been added to the Workflow Status object: Is hidden from proposal portal. If this field is checked, Job Applications with this workflow status will not be shown in the Proposal Portal. [MAIN-118]


To create tasks in the feed of candidate records, the "Create Task" global action should be configured to set 'Task' record type for created records. [MAIN-122]



Generated CV & Proposal Portal: Date format

To set the date format in the PDF you should add a date format to your Generated CV template (which also contains the language of the PDF). On the proposal portal, the language and the date format are both related to the contact's language. [TRS-7092]

Please note that picklist fields are not translated in the PDF or on the proposal portal, with the exception for Gender.

Proposal Wizard

All of the reference fields were removed from Search fieldset for objects. From now on a text formula field should be used in a fieldset. For example a text formula field name with the formula: Account.Name to show the name of the account. [TRS-7074]

Workflow Step: Record type depending picklist

If cxsStep__c picklist fields don't show the values assigned to the record type, make sure that the visualforce host is added to the remote site settings in the Salesforce Setup (e.g. "https:<custom-domain>", where <custom-domain> is the custom domain of your org). In addition, generate the picklist settings by refreshing them via Connexys Setup > Lightning picklist values > Refresh picklist values. [TRS-7042]

Generated CV

  • To be able to see the new custom Generated CV page, you need to add the Generated CV related List to the Candidate object page layout and add the new button to the related list tab. You also need to go to the Generated CV object, edit the New (standard) button > select the "cxsrec:CVGenerator" for lightning Experience Override option. [TRS-6809]

  • A new object has been created: Generated CV templates (this is for Lightning only). In this object, Generated CV templates can be specified as well as the language that the template supports:
    •  Go to Connexys Setup > Generated CV templates > create a new template for each language > The name should correspond with the API name of the visualforce page. Every language should have a separate visualforce page.
    • Enable the visualforce pages for the Site user.

NOTE: If records are listed in the Generated CV templates object, the application setting 'CV generator templates' will be ignored. [TRS-6439]




Visualforce page URL

Starting from 16 March 2019, Salesforce will enable the critical update 'Remove Instance Names from URLs for Visualforce, Community Builder, Studio, and Content Files (Critical Update)'. After this update has been enabled, you'll need to make sure that the application setting Host URL of Visualforce pages in a current SF org is filled in with the correct Visualforce URL.

We recommend that you enable the critical update before Salesforce enforces it. After you enable the critical update, you can immediately enter the correct Visualforce page URL. We have tested extensively with this critical update enabled.

To find the correct Visualforce URL you'll need to navigate to the Connexys Setup page where you'll see Visualforce Url box. This box contains the correct URL. Copy the URL and paste it in the application setting Host URL of Visualforce pages in a current SF org (Connexys Setup > Application settings > All settings > General).


The setting will be automatically filled with the correct value when you navigate to the Connexys Setup for the first time after release 15 has been installed (or higher if the 15 release won't be installed on your org). If the application setting is empty for some reason, you can copy it from the Visualforce Url box on the Connexys Setup page.


To be able to post jobs via GermanPersonnel in Lightning Experience you're required to add a value for this application setting, even if the critical update is not yet enabled. After the critical update has been enabled, you'll need to repeat this to make sure the URL has the correct notation.


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