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Every job has some job requirements. To find a matching candidate, you can use the assess job requirements component to quickly evaluate the skills and experience of the candidate. This component allows you to generate a clear job requirements overview which is assessed according to the candidate's profile. 


When a candidate has filled in a form and assessed his or her own skills, a notification will be shown on this component, telling the recruiter that the assessment is done by the candidate. 

This component can be used in the Generate CV, Compare component and the Job applications. 

Where can this component be used?

- Generate CV


- Compare component


- Job applications

How to configure this component? 

This component can be added on the Job application page by going to the "Edit page" setup. Here you can:

- Change the section header

- Choose to expand or collapse the section

- Switch the component mode to "Read" or "Edit mode. In "Read" mode, user needs to click "Edit" before able to assess job requirements. 

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