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The Job actions component is a component where the recruiter can access commonly used job actions like sending emails, performing a search or posting to job boards. 


There are three "Send email" options:

- Send email to hiring manager

- Send email to candidates

- Send email to suppliers

These buttons will be shown and hidden depending on the related records. If no hiring manager is added to the job, the send email to hiring manager button will be hidden. If there are no suppliers linked to the job, the send email to supppliers button will be hidden. The send email to candidates button will also be shown or hidden depending if there are any job applications linked to this job. Email will only be sent to candidates with open job applications. 

Using the send email button will open the email component in the modal with the email addresses of related records prefilled as recipients. 

Where can this component be used?

- Job record detail page

How to configure this component?

This component can be added under the "Edit page" option of the Job record detail page. Here you can change the global visiblity of the job actions. 

For some actions like using the Candidate search, you need to have the right permissions. When you don't have access to these pages, SalesForce will give default notifications about unable to display the page. Please contact your administrator for proper permission sets. 


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