Resolved: Provisioned Google Maps API keys not working



Following the change we made mentioned in the article concerning Google Maps we found out that the new Google Maps API keys are not working as intended. You will notice that it stopped working when you find the field Job location (Standplaats) on the Job object is greyed out and  isn't providing auto completes. If this happens please let us know so we can restore the old situation as a temporary workaround. This workaround might eventually stop working, so if this happens please let us know as soon as possible.


Any updates will follow via this article.



In the Job wizard

1. Open the Job wizard 

2. Start filling in a city name in the Job location field such as Rotterdam. If a dropdown with the autocomplete is not showing and the text is greyed out then the Google API key is not working.


Generate CV

1. Open a job application

2. Take a step for which the Gen CV is enabled or click on Generate CV

3. Fill in the Job location field (Town/City) a city and then you will see it doesn't show auto completes for the city name and the field is greyed out.  



Do you have any questions about this issue? Please send an email to or contact Customer Support by phone at +31 10 498 09 88.








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    Ashna Lakhisaran

    The provisioned Google Maps API keys have been placed again in all production orgs and are working,

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