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Talentpools can be used to group candidates by categories you choose. Candidates in a talentpool can be selected for talentpools activities such as sending them a job by email or apply the candidates for a job. 

The basic idea and working principle is the same as in Classic. You can find information about the Classic configuration here: https://help.connexys.com/hc/en-us/articles/204386521-Talentpools

It is possible to filter the talentpools and you can also mark your favorite talentpools. Clicking on "New Talentpool" will create a new talentpool. To add candidates to a talentpool, you can go to the related page of the talenpool or you can go to the candidate record detail page if the Talentpool component is added to the page. 

- Adding people to talentpool on Talentpools related page:

Note: if the layout van the Talentpool doesn't contain a Related and Detail tab (like the image above), you first need to create, assign and activate a Lightning page. 


- Adding candidates to talentpool on the Candidate record detail page:



Where can the component be used? 

- Talentpools tab




- Candidate record detail page


How to configure this component?

The Talentpool is a custom object which you can configure on the Object Manager. Go to the Lightning Setup page and open the Object Manager. Open the Talentpool object to, for example, add a new Category list value.


The Talentpools component can also be added as custom object to the Candidate record page. Go to the Candidate record page and click on "Edit Page". 

You can now create a new tab for a custom object and drag and drop the Talentpool component under the new tab. 






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