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Hard criteria can be used for matching Candidates with Jobs, and Job alert subscribers with Jobs of their interests. For example, if a candidate speaks English, French and Dutch, these skills can be added as hard criteria to the candidate. In this case, the "Language" is a hard criteria record type, "Dutch", "English" and "French" are record values and these values can also have a "Level" such as "intermediate", "professional proficiency" or "native". How to create and configure new hard criteria can be found below. 

Where can this component be used? 

- Job record detail


- Job wizard


- Candidate wizard

- Candidate record detail

How to configure this component

To add a new hard criteria, go to "Connexys Setup". In the basic setup, you will find the "Hard criteria". 

Click on "Hard criteria" and make sure you choose "All" items in the list views. Click "New" to add a new hard criteria. 

- Hard criterium type name

Choose a name for the new hard criterium and fill it in the name field. 

- Show on application form? 

Select to show this hard criteria in the application form. 

- Sort order

Fill in a number for how to order this criterium in a list. 

- Representation type

Choose from Dropdown list, Multiple select and Checkboxes. 

- Textkernel Indexing Field

Optional. Select the Textkernel Indexing Field to add this criterium to. 

- External ID

- Hard criterium level set

Add a level set to this hard criterium to be used for the values. 

Show on CV generator

When checked, this criteria type is allowed to be shown on CV PDF's and in the proposal portal. If no hard criteria type is checked, all are considered checked. 

After saving the new hard criterium, you can go to the "Related" tab to add related values for the hard criterium and its translations. Just click on "New" to add the values. 


The Criteria component can also be added to detail pages. Just go to "Edit Page" and drag and drop the component to the page. 

Here you can select which criterion to show and if the component is read only or editable. 

- Section Header

Name of the section

- Checkbox: Section open? 

Select the default behavior for this section. 


Multiple criteria components on one page

For some customers it can be useful to have multiple criteria components on one page. 

When you have a limited number of hard criteria types (e.g. only three like Skills, Languages and Tools), it might be better to have three different sections with criteria. One for Skills, one for Languages and one for Tools. 

You can accomplish this by adding the criteria component three times to the page. And add a filter (show only this criterium) to each of them. 


Configuration of Criteria in Classic and more information can be found here:


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