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The map component can be used to display a map on record detail pages. 

It allows you to show the location with a pin on the map. It also allows you to show a set of related records with pins on the map. Finally it can show the location of a parent record on the map. 

The map component can work with records that already have a valid geolocation. It can also automatically use one of the address fields to get the geolocation using the Google Maps API. It will subsequently save the geolocation back to a geolocations field on the current record. 

Where can this component be used? 

The map component can be added in any detail record page. This component can for example be used in:

- Job record detail page

- Candidate record detail page

- Job application record detail page

- Account record detail page

- Contact record detail page

How to configure this component

The map component can be added to the above mentioned detail pages and can be configured by going to "Edit page" on the detail page. Under "Custom - Managed" section, you'll find the Map component that can be dragged and dropped on the page. When done so, you will see the fields that can be configurated on the right side of the page.

- sectionHeader

The title of the section header, clear to hide the section header. 

- Checkbox "Section Open"

How the section is shown on default.

- Component height

Define the height of this component. 

- This record: pin color

Here you can choose the color of the map pin for this record. 

- This record: fieldname for info text

When the user clicks on a map pin, an information bubble is shown. By default the name of the record is shown. If you want to show a different hover text, please enter the name of the field that contains the text you want to display. 

- This record: address field

In case this record doesn't have a geolocation (lat/lng coördinates) yet, this component will use the google map API to get a geolocation. If successful, it will save the geolocation too. For this to work, enter the name of a formula field that contains the address information. For Job, Candidate and Campus events objects you do not need to specify this fieldname. For other objects, you'll need to add a formula field. Look at the "geolocation_address__c" field on these objects to make this formula field and use the system name here.

- Related records: pin color 

Two sets of related records can be shown on the map. Please specify the color of the map pin for the second set of related records here. 

- Related records: object name

The system name of the related object. In case the related object is related via a junction object, enter the name of the junction object. 

- Related records: Lookup field on junction object

In case the related records you want to show on the map is connected via a junction object, you must enter the system name of the lookup field on this junction object here. For example, if you want to show a set of candidate pins on the map on the job page, the junction object is the "Job accplication" object and the fieldname of the lookup field is: "cxsrec__Candidate__c". 

- Related records: fieldname with info text

This setting is to define the text shown on information bubbles when a map pin is clicked on. By default the name of the record is shown with a hyperlink to the record detail page. 

- Related records(2) settings

The same set of related record settings can be configured for a second set of related records. 


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