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The document preview component can be used to show documents that are available for candidate and job application. 

The admin has the ability to configure the types of documents that can be uploaded. For each type of document a tab is added to the document preview component.  

Tabs that have a document uploaded will be shown in BOLD. When the end user opens this tab, he sees the PDF version of the document that was uploaded. He can also replace the document with a newer version. The end user also has the option to download the document. And finally the end user can delete a document. 

Tabs that do not have an uploaded document available will be shown in plain text. When the end user will open such a tab a drop zone is shown to upload the document. 

Where can this component be used?

- Candidate record detail page

- Job application record detail page

- Workflow (user clicks a document icon shown in table)

Browse component

Talentpool record detail page


How to configure the component? 

On edit page of the Candidate record detail page and the Job application detail page:

- Section Header
You can add a section header, if this field is not empty, a section header with an expand/collapse icon will be added. 

- Section open checkbox
Choose if the section is expanded or collapsed by default. 

- Component height
The height of this component when expanded in pixels with a minimum of 100.

- Component mode
Choose the mode of this component. You can choose read mode or edit mode. In Edit mode, an option to upload files will be available. 

- Tab view
Choose how the tabs for document types will be arranged, horizontally or vertically. 


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