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The Candidate wizard is a tool that helps with inserting a candidate file in the database. If an organisation is already in the possession of a pool of candidates or receives a CV from a candidate that had email contact with a user, they might want to insert this specific candidate data in the application. The best way to do that, is by the use of the Candidate wizard. 

Where can this component be used? 

- Candidates tab

On the candidates tab, click "New" to open the Candidate wizard. 

How to configure this component?

The layout of the Candidate wizard can be configured in the Connexys Application settings. Open the Connexys Setup and go to the Application settings under the section "Basic settings". Choose "All settings" under the section "Show" and select "Candidate wizard" under the section "Settings". 

- Candidate unique key definition

This setting allows you to set the unique key of the candidate object. If a candidate (who is already in the database) submits the application form, a new job application is added to the existing candidate file (instead of creating a new candidate file). The two most used keys are: 1) First name, last name and date of birth. 

Example of a candidate unique key definition:

old.cxsrec__first_name__c = :new.cxsrec__first_name__c AND
old.cxsrec__last_name__c = :new.cxsrec__last_name__c AND
old.cxsrec__e_mail_address__c = :new.cxsrec__e_mail_address__c AND
old.cxsrec__e_mail_address__c != null

*We advise against making custom changes to the candidate's unique definition, as a wrong unique key definition will cause that job applications can't be created anymore.

- Candidate wizard: page layout

This setting allows you to design the layout of the candidate wizard according to your personal wishes. Every line in this setting wil provide text or a block of fields in the wizard.

An example is:


In this example, the first line provides the fieldset that contains the basic fields of the candidate object. The header above these fields is "header2", which is "Candidate details". The second line provides a set of fields concerning contact information, while the third row provides the possibility to add hard criteria to the candidate file. Both have their own headers, respectively "header 3" for contact info and "header 5" for hard criteria. Next to these fields, it is possible to add text to the candidate wizard, just by typing it in this field. But, in order to add fields, it is necessary to use fieldsets as was done in the example.

Information about the configuration of the Candidate wizard in Classic can be found here: Candidate wizard Configuration
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