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This issue has been resolved. The definitive solution is described below under the header Solution. The previous information regarding this issue can be found under that header after ---. For customers who enabled the workaround: please make sure to revert this.



We've been in constant contact with Salesforce this week to find the best solution, since patching was not possible on all customer orgs. As a solution, Salesforce rolled back the change that caused the error and has confirmed that this roll back is permanent. This means that the error will no longer appear on orgs, whether or not the workaround is enabled. Please make sure if you enabled the workaround, that this is reverted. The workaround can be found below under the header Workaround.



After the patch that was deployed by Salesforce over the weekend, customers could experience problems when opening the Workflow tab (Applicant Tracking) and with the display of the Workflow Homepage component when logged in with a user other than a System Admin. The following error message was shown: 

List index out of bounds: 0

Note: This doesn't affect all our customers.

Root cause

A change has been deployed by Salesforce which causes this error. A patch has been pushed for the 12, 13 and 14 release to all customers who are on the Salesforce Winter '19 release. Since it's technically not possible to deploy patches to any other version than Winter '19, we're not able to patch the fix to customers who are still on the Salesforce Summer '18 release. However, there's a workaround available which can be found below. The remaining orgs will be updated to Winter '19 this weekend, which means the patch can be deployed to those orgs as well next week.

We'll keep working together with Salesforce for the best solution.


If your org is on the Summer '18 release, the following workaround is available:

  • Open the affected profile(s), click on Edit, scroll to the section Administrative Permissions (Beheermachtigingen in Dutch) and enable the permission View Setup and Configuration (Set-up en configuratie weergeven in Dutch) and click Save

You can also assign this permission via a permission set to users. If you use multiple profiles and don't want to edit every single profile, this could be a viable option. Create a permission set for this specific permission, mass assign it to all users and once the patch is deployed, you can easily delete the permission set.

If you choose to enable this setting, please make sure to undo this next week after the patch has been deployed.

If you're not sure on which Salesforce release your org is, open the homepage and check the orange box on the right side of the Homepage.




Do you have any questions about this issue? Please send an email to or contact Customer Support by phone at +31 10 498 09 88.

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    Natalie van der Loos

    This article has been updated with patch information and an available workaround.

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    Natalie van der Loos

    Currently the patches for the 12, 13 and 14 version have been pushed to all customer orgs that are on the Salesforce Winter '19 Release.

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    Natalie van der Loos

    Salesforce has rolled back the change, therefore the error will no longer appear if the workaround is reverted. We're still in contact with Salesforce to determine whether the roll back of the change is permanent.

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    Natalie van der Loos

    Salesforce has just confirmed that the roll back is permanent, which marks this issue as resolved. For customers who enabled the workaround, please make sure to revert this.

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