Error 'Access Denied' on Step page (5/6/2018)


With release 12 it is possible you will get the following error when taking a step:

'Access Denied: OP_INSERT on cxsrec__cxsStep__c.cxsrec__Workflow_event_name_ES_c'


1. Open the relative Profile in Setup > scroll to 'Step Field-Level Security for profile' > click next to 'Step' on 'View' > 'Edit'.

2. For the following two fields you will need to grant Read Access and Edit Access. To do this check the check boxes beside the field names.


- Workflow event name (Spanish transl.)

- Workflow event name (Italian transl.)

3. Click on 'Save' to save the changes.

-> Excexute this change for all Profiles that are used in the org. 


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