Release Notes - Connexys v.12


This article is an overview of the most important improvements for release v.12. For a list of new objects, fields and visualforce pages that were added in this release, please go to this article.


Since Release 11 was a minor release and was only installed on a couple of orgs on which the Supplier portal is configured, Release 12 will also push all improvements and changes from Release 11 to your org. For more information please read the release notes from Release 11.


Start installing: Spring 2018 [Expected: May]


  • Additions
  • Changes



Lightning Ready

We are continuing work to ensure Connexys Resource Manager is ready for Salesforce Lightning. To read more on Salesforce Lightning, visit: Salesforce lightning campaign.




We’ve ensured that indexing for TotalExperienceYears will occur as expected. [UFO-417]


Email Templates

The German version of the Candidate Salutation now contains the Title of the candidate as determined by the new picklist on the Candidate record. [TRS-2610]


Manager Portal

The Departments of Manager field will no longer appear blank when a validation error occurs. [TRS-4479]


For customers with unlimited licenses: Within the Job multiposting page, you will see “Unlimited Licenses” rather than an amount. [UFO-526]



The character count now also works for the Text area. [UFO-420]


Recruiter Field

When entering invalid values in a lookup field, you will be prompted to clear that value immediately so you can replace it with a proper value prior to saving the record. [UFO-418]


Spelling corrections

Spelling of anonymization, anonymizing, and anonymized has been corrected system wide. [UFO-424]



Tasks and events are shown up to a limit of 500 each on the Activity page. When the limit is reached a message will appear. [TRS-4575]


Textkernel Search

We have improved the normalization for Nationality and Country facets. [TRS-4944]

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