(Resolved): Salesforce: Service Disruption EU18 September 11, 2018


Update: the disruption has been fully resolved by Salesforce at 2:47 pm CEST on Sep 11. 


At the moment there is a service disruption on the EU18 instance.

2:33 pm CEST, Sep 11
During a service disruption, end users are unable to access the service (org). The overall system is affected.
Status updates Salesforce EU18: https://status.salesforce.com/incidents/2655

As a customer you can subscribe to the Salesforce Trust Notificiations.
Go to https://trust.salesforce.com/en/trust/trust-notification-user-guide/ to subscribe.
"Trust Notifications are near real-time email notifications regarding incidents and maintenances posted to our Trust status site, https://status.salesforce.com. Anyone can self-subscribe to Trust Notifications and tailor their subscription settings to the instances and types of events of which they want to be notified. Trust Notifications are sent from alerts@mail.salesforce.com."

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    Ashna Lakhisaran

    2:47 pm CEST, Sep 11

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    Ashna Lakhisaran

    On September 10, 2018 from 12:58 until 16:14 UTC and on September 11, 2018 from 12:33 until 12:47 UTC, the Salesforce Technology team resolved a service disruption on the EU18 instance. During this time, end users were unable to access the service. While the root cause of the recent EU18 service disruptions is unknown, we have narrowed down the possibilities to a software fault and a server configuration issue that caused contention on the application tier. Salesforce has implemented workarounds to prevent additional incidents, and has established procedures to recover quickly if they occur. Salesforce is working around the clock, and this issue has the highest level of attention from our Technology leadership and our executive team.

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