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(If you're interested in the Hiring manager portal please contact your account manager.)

 Here you can find instructions for showing or removing fields, jobs or workflow statuses in or from the Hiring Manager Portal.

A. Fields that are shown in the Hiring Manager Portal

These field are sets in field sets that are used in the Hiring Manager Portal. Drag fields into this field set to show them in the Portal. In this print screen you can see the layout of two different Record types.


Fieldlabel API Name Object Used
1. Portal Basic  cxsrec__Portal_Basic Job
When Creating a Job and in the List of Jobs
2. Portal Preferred Candidate  cxsrec__Portal_
When creating Job in Portal and in the List of Jobs.
Fields with information about preferred Candidate
3. Portal Period  cxsrec__Portal_Period Job
When Creating a Job.
Start and end date.
4. Portal Function  cxsrec__Portal_
When Creating a Job. 
Information about the Job
5. Portal Permanent Recruitment  cxsrec__

When Creating a Job.

6. Portal List  cxsrec__Portal_List Job
In the Job list page.
Information about the Job
Portal Create Memo  cxsrec__Portal_
 Create_ Memo
With the Feedback from the manager
Preview manager portal  cxsrec__Preview_

Show the URL of (extra) Candidate documents on the application page



You have the possibility to setup the way the different blocks of the Job create, Job view and Work order pages are presented on the Hiring Manager Portal. This can be done via the Connexys application settings. Go to: Connexys Resource Manager Setup > Application settings > All Settings > Hiring manager portal.


In the print screen above the setup of the Job Create page is marked. Here you can find which field sets are used on the creation page of a certain record (f.e. permanent position, temporary work or internship) 

Important note Hiring manager job create setup: Fields that are present in multiple field sets for record types must be entered in a general field set that is used for those record types. Otherwise they will all be shown on the screen, even if you can't see them. Example how to do this: fieldset.[Recortypename1, Recordtypename2]. Fieldsetname.header.

Note: For more information about field sets click here.

B. Job, Documents and Workflow Statuses

With this instructions, settings can be changed for the Hiring Manager Portal.

A. Set which Workflow statuses (steps) are displayed

  • Go to: Connexys Setup > Workflows > ...
  • Open a Workflow
  • Open a Status
  • Field: "Show to Hiring Manager"

If the checkbox is checked, the Candidates with this status are visible in the Hiring Manager portal. Obviously, the Hiring Manager only has insight into his own Candidates.
If no statuses where the checkbox is checked, all statuses are automatically seen.

B. Set which Job statuses are shown

  • Go to the Connexys Setup > Application settings > All settings > Hiring manager portal
  • Search for the field: "Job statuses to display"

This page also contains the settings of the homepage of the Manager portal, for example which field sets are used for the Job wizard.


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