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This article is an overview of the most important improvements for release v.14. For a list of new objects, fields and visualforce pages that were added in this release, please go to this article.


Since Release 13 was a minor release and was only installed on a couple of orgs, Release 14 will also push all improvements and changes from Release 13 to your org. For more information please read the release notes from Release 13.


Start installing: Fall 2018 [Expected: October]


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  • Additions
  • Changes


We have changed our approach with regards to the security changes of which Salesforce admins have been notified via email in August. The changes will be disabled by default and admins need to enable it via a new custom setting after Release 14 has been installed on your org. Enabling the changes can be done per user and/or per profile, which will give you the opportunity to do a phased roll out and gives you more time to test the changes extensively. We strongly advise you to test this first on a Sandbox. The email that was sent out in August contained the following information:

As part of our continuing efforts to ensure the highest level of security within Bullhorn Connexys, we will be rolling out some changes in our September release (release 14) that we wanted to make you aware of.

Going forward, every aspect of the application, including custom pages, will have an absolute adherence to the profile permission model built into Salesforce. After release 14 has been deployed, it is possible that users will run into errors when trying to edit, create or delete records.

In advance of this release, we strongly recommend that you review your profile permissions to ensure that all permissions are configured correctly. This will guarantee there is no disruption in functionality for your users when the update rolls out.

We have decided to change our approach because this upcoming change can have a big impact. Please be aware that the changes will be enabled for all users/profiles with the next release.

Technical objects will also be affected. Because permissions for technical objects should be the same for every customer we have added a permission set to the package that admins can mass assign to users named Connexys - Technical Objects. This will be possible after release 14 has been deployed in your org.

For more information regarding this announcement and necessary steps, please read this article carefully.



Lightning Ready

We are continuing work to ensure Connexys Resource Manager is ready for Salesforce Lightning. To read more on Salesforce Lightning, visit: Salesforce lightning campaign.



Application Settings

A new application setting has been added, Block URL Text Field, where an admin can enter a comma-separated list of text fields from the Candidate object in which an applicant cannot enter a URL on the application form. Make sure you enter the API name of the fields. This applies both to the classic Search Apply page as well as the Javascript Form Apply Page. [MAIN-87]



Candidate pictures will now always be stored in the related cxsAttachment to make sure the correct picture is shown in the Generated CV. [TRS-5039]


Connexys Candidate Search

If the Connexys Candidate Search page gives a time out when opening it (for the first time on a day), there is now the possibility to have the page only load candidates when a search filter has been set. This means the page will initially be opened without showing candidates, you can then enter your search criteria and it will query the candidates that apply to that criteria. To have this enabled you need to edit a new Custom Setting:

  • Go to the Salesforce Setup > Build > Develop > Custom Settings > Candidate search settings;
  • click on Manage > click on the second New button on the page;
  • the setting can be enabled per profile or per user; choose the option you want it enabled for, select the required profile(s) or user(s) and make sure you check the box for the field Search only with active filters;
  • click Save. Repeat these steps to enable it for other profiles and/or users. [MAIN-78]


You can now disable the automatic Privacy Statement by checking the application setting Disable automatic privacy statement agreement (Connexys Setup > Application settings > Anonymize). By doing so, the Date acknowledgement privacy statement field on the candidate will remain empty when an internal user creates a candidate and/or job application through one of the following methods: the Wizard, CV Dropzone or Lightning for Gmail. [TRS-5786]



Because of the potential impact that current configuration can have on anonymization, we strongly advise you to involve a Bullhorn Consultant for implementing this process. Support is not able to assist you on this as they can not be perfectly aware of all configuration in your org. Contact your Account Manager for more information.

You can now create a process (process builder) in your org with which the apex class cxsAnonymizer.doAnonymize can be invoked. This allows you to pass a single candidate ID to the apex method for anonymization even when you haven't scheduled the anonymization process on your org. This gives you more flexibility in deciding when and which candidates should be anonymized, since the candidates can be anonymized based on the criteria you set in the process. Make sure that anonymization is configured correctly so that all necessary fields are anonymized. [MAIN-79]

When you create the process you need to make sure you add a condition where candidates that are already anonymized are disregarded and, if you have the anonymization process scheduled as well, make sure the two processes don't conflict and don't try to anonymize the same candidate.

In the process builder you need to choose the APEX class named Anonymize Candidate in the Immediate Actions option and set the following Apex Variable:

  • Field: candidateIds
  • Type: Field Reference
  • Value: Record ID


Mass Updates

You can now also perform mass updates for Events. [MAIN-81]



Dragging and dropping a task between dates or double clicking to change the date will now also update the Due Date (activity date of the task). [MAIN-38]


Google Maps

The Google Map in the Job and Candidate record will not automatically load the geolocation, you'll need to click on Show location in map first.

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