(Resolved) Salesforce: Service Disruption EU18 - August 31, 2018


At the moment there is a service disruption on the EU18 instance.

10 am CEST, Aug 31
During a service disruption, end users are unable to access the service (org). The overall system is affected.
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    Herman Bentvelzen

    As a customer you can subscribe to the Salesforce Trust Notificiations.
    Go to https://trust.salesforce.com/en/trust/trust-notification-user-guide/ to subscribe.
    "Trust Notifications are near real-time email notifications regarding incidents and maintenances posted to our Trust status site, https://status.salesforce.com. Anyone can self-subscribe to Trust Notifications and tailor their subscription settings to the instances and types of events of which they want to be notified. Trust Notifications are sent from alerts@mail.salesforce.com."

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    Ashna Lakhisaran

    Update Salesforce:

    10:39 am CEST, Aug 31
    We are investigating a potential cause of the issue.

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    Ashna Lakhisaran

    Updates Salesforce:

    11:12 am CEST, Aug 31
    We are currently investigating the cause of the issue.

    10:48 am CEST, Aug 31

    INCIDENT IMPACT TYPE : Performance Degradation
    10:44 am CEST, Aug 31
    During a performance degradation, end users are able to access the service, however, some functionality within the service may not be available or running at optimal performance.

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    Herman Bentvelzen

    The issue with the EU18 instance has been resolved. Detailed information on the problem can be found here:

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