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Within the Connexys application you have the possibility to create a personalized candidate CV with the relevant information you define and in the style sheet of your company. This "Generated CV" can be send to your clients together with, or instead of, the actual candidate CV within the workflow steps.

The Generate CV can be opened through the Workflow tab when you Share a candidate with the hiring manager. The Generate CV can also be reached through the Proposals tab or Candidates record related page.

In the Generate CV screen, you'll be able to edit current fields or add new work experiences or educations to the CV. The user interface should speaks for itself, have a try!


Where can this component be used?

- Candidates record related page or add "Generate New CV" button to the page layout. 

- Workflow tab > Share candidate with hiring manager

- Proposals tab > New Proposal

- Job application record detail page after adding the "Generate New CV" Lightning action button to the page layout. 

How to configure this component

Enable the utility bar for the Lightning app

On the candidate and job application record detail pages an action "Generate new CV" is available.


This button only works in Lightning if you add an item to the utility bar. 

  • Go to Salesforce setup
  • Go to App manager
  • Create a new Lightning app or open an existing Lightning app
  • Go to Utility items
  • Add the "Utility Bar Navigation" component to the utility bar

In the Candidate details tab you see all fields that can be chosen and edited, this counts for the following objects:

  • Candidate
  • Job Application
  • Job
  • Work Experience
  • Education

In every of the above mentioned objects there is a fieldset that holds the specification of the fields that are visible in the Generate CV functionality. 

Fieldsets can now also be edited in the Lightning setup. Go to Salesforce Setup > Object Manager > Candidate > Fieldset “CV Generator” to add or remove fields from the Generate CV.

CV Template

The CV template is editable. It is possible to design your own style and format in a Visualforce Page and use it as template for the Generate CV. To see which template is currently used, go to Connexys Setup > Application Settings > All settings > Generate CV in PDF format.


To edit the template, go to Salesforce Setup, search for Visualforce Pages and search the view of the CV template. Click on edit to edit it. 



Information about the Classic Generate CV can be found here:

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