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The Drop image component can be used on record detail pages to quickly upload images (photo/logo) for the record. You can drag and drop a single image here, as only one image will be used per record. If the record is a Candidate, Position, Account or Contact, the image will be used as the photo or logo for that record and the field Image_Url__c will be filled with the url to the uploaded image.

Where can this component be used?

- Any record detail page

- Candidate record detail page

How to configure this component

- sectionHeader

The title of the section header, clear to hide the section header. 

- Checkbox: Section open

Select how the section would be shown on default. 

- Image placeholder

Choose the image shown when the record had no image yet. Options: auto, avatar and image. 

- Picture height

The maximum height of the image shown

- Default text

The text under the image when no upload is active


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