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The lookup component can be used to fill lookup or master detail fields in forms or other places in the Lightning application. Connexys has developed its own lookup component. So the behaviour is a bit different from the lookup component that is used by Salesforce. 

When you open the lookup component it will show a list of the first items in the object. You can start typing to find the record you are looking for. It will refresh the list while you are typing. 

The admin can specify which fields of the object will be shown in the list. 

Where can this component be used?

The component is used inside fieldsets


The component is used in other Connexys components 


How to configure the component?

The admin has the ability to configure the fields shown in the list. Per object there is one fieldset that is available to specify the fields. The name of the fieldset is "lightningLookupFields". 

For custom objects you can create a fieldset with the same name to add extra fields to the list.


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