Requirements component



Requirements component can be used to view and edit job requirements of a job. It allows you to create and display the job requirements in a structured way. 

It allows you to enter a single job requirement. It also allows you to copy and paste a job require


Where can the component be used?

On the job wizard


On the job record detail page


How to configure the component?

1. Configuration of the job wizard

The job wizard can be configured with an application setting, just like in classic. Documentation can be found here.

There is just one difference. There is an extra application setting that can be used to replace the Job requirements rich text field with the requirements component. In that case the requirements component will save the data both to the rich text field and to the separate job requirements object. This setting can be found via Connexys Setup > Application Settings > Requirements and is named "Use Requirement Component instead of Text Area".

2. Configuration of the job record detail page 

The job record detail page can be set up with the app builder. Open the page with the app builder and drag the requirements component to the page. 

In this case there are three settings available:

  • Section header 
  • Section open?
  • Update requirements field of object

The last setting can be used to specify if you want the component to write the data also back to the Job requirements rich text field on the Job object. 

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